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Today it is difficult to split the mobile market into segments. Everything was in confusion in the oblonskys ‘ house. Apple, Google, Huawei, Microsoft and many other companies contribute to the development of mobile and desktop solutions. As for all those to keep up and keep track? The answer is plain and obvious – you need to be in the information space. This is what takes the sites of our Media group i10.ru. But who and what is “beyond the screen”? We offer you an interesting job in our team!

I think, for anybody not a secret that the sites AppleInsider.ru and AndroidInsider.ru have common roots. At the time, the creators of the site on which you are reading this article, decided that the world is much wider than the device from Cupertino company. This day became the starting point for our parallel (in all senses) of the project AndroidInsider.ru.

And today, we are looking for new employees, which can simple and accessible language to tell our readers about what is happening in the world of two corporate giants — Apple and Google. If you wanted to try myself in this direction, then you have all possibilities for this.

The contents

Work AppleInsider.ru and AndroidInsider.ru

Who are we looking for? First of all the person who is “sick” and 100% immersed in the information space, which is created by Apple and Google. Daily tens and sometimes hundreds of info there that you need to be able to process and find those gems that will separate truly significant events from the walk-through. In addition, you need to be able simply and clearly to tell the others what’s happening and why it matters.


  • Ability to work with information. With a large amount of information. Perhaps even with a very large amount of information.
  • Literate Russian language
  • Passion for mobile and desktop platforms from Apple and Google
  • Ability to work quickly and to respond quickly to what is happening around
  • Courage, creative thinking, desire to develop himself

If all of the above about you, we invite you to work in a team AppleInsider.ru and AndroidInsider.ru. It is necessary to perform the test task and send it to Telegram me @iprizrak.

Test task

  • For AppleInsider.ru to write an article on the topic: prospects for the development of mobile operating system iOS in the next 2-3 years
  • For AndroidInsider.ru to write an article on the topic: Competition with iOS what should Google to to lure Apple users
  • To offer 2-3 relevant topics for future articles AppleInsider.ru and AndroidInsider.ru

Technical requirements for materials

  • Not less than 3000 characters (without spaces)
  • The presence of illustrations
  • Design in Google Docs
  • Unique 100%

To work in our team you can be anywhere. We are not tied to the place. The main requirement is to be connected and in a timely manner to complete the task.

The volume of daily materials, wages and working conditions are discussed individually with each one that passes the test task. Send test jobs in Telegram @iprizrak and tell a little about yourself. I hope that we will work together!

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