We may see Apple disclose four phones iPhone New this year, according to new data

iPhone 8 plus

When Apple launched the iPhone New, they usually retain the style of an old sale along with new models as iPhone cheapest in its range which makes it a suitable choice for those who seek to get an iPhone even if it means getting the technology relatively old. It is expected that the availability of Apple to do it this year, but it may come in the form of upgrade phone the iPhone 7.

According to the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, has discovered some code that suggests that there is iPhone new coming much like the iPhone 7. This smartphone carries the code name T500 price will be the Processor Apple A10, and the same screen resolution of the phone the iPhone 7, as well as the same memory size is random, it is also expected that the need significantly to the design of iPhone 7 which means that Apple will not move fully to the design of iPhone X this year.

What this means is that in addition to the iPhone coming this year with OLED screens in sizes 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch, the phone iPhone with LCD display which with a size of 6.1 inch, you can buy Apple launch iPhone another cheaper will exist for customers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the new models, as we have said, retain the Apple usually with an old along with new models.

For example, repeated selections of the current Apple TV from iPhone X and iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus as the flagship phones of the company, but it also includes the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S and iPhone SE as phones economic for the company.


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