We may see the company essentials launches a smartphone in the near future

Essential PH-1 - Camera

I didn’t see the company Essential you are launching a new smartphone, since a relatively long period. There were rumors stating that we won’t see a smart phone new from this company again. However, that seems to have been to dispel this idea by the founder and CEO of Essential, Mr. Andy Robin. I’ve done a bulletin and a tweet does not represent anything else than the advent of a new product soon.

It is quite interesting that the confession Andy Robin came in response to a tweet nine months, she was almost encouraged the company to launch a new smartphone. Replied Andy Robin saying : ” We will be making a declaration“, demanding the person who posted this tweet at the same time ” by clinging to the good ” so that the Navy.

There’s nothing else you can remove from tweets Andy Eobin, so it is still unclear at the moment what are you working on company essentials. Weren’t there rumors and reports about the possibility of the coming of a new phone from the company Essential since the period.

However, the comments of Andy Robin to be a company Essential is already working on something that has made a declaration about it sooner rather than later. However, we still have to wait to see if the company will be on the phone, sophisticated new or a low cost device. We hope it will not be long before that company exported Essential an announcement to that effect.

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