We think we know what everyone will give for this New year

AirPods first went on sale in 2016 and in a short time become one of the most sold products of the company. Three years later we got AirPods Pro noise canceling and AirPods second generation with the possibility of wireless charging. Along with the high demand for the line of AirPods, several other factors lead to the fact that it will probably be a real hit of the coming festive season.

Yes, AirPods. Not necessarily Pro

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AirPods interesting like never before

We have seen how the demand for AirPods is growing rapidly from year to year. Headphones even became a meme — say, any iPhone owner now just have to talk with AirPods, but not in the traditional way. Another example, search interest in wireless headphones from Apple has jumped by 500% from 2017 to 2018.

This year we heard that the AirPods will be a gift number one, you want to get all teenagers. However, in addition to the output AirPods second generation and AirPods Pro, which are fantastic headphones with a stunning user interface and stand out from the competition (even if the sound quality is not pleased everyone), there are a couple of factors that will increase their sales before the new year.

AirPods are available now

Tim cook after the holiday quarter

This will be the first holiday shopping season, when Apple will offer just three versions of the AirPods. In other words, buyers now have more choice: they can take as 2 AirPods without wireless charging and can save much, and AirPods Pro. For those who appreciate the best ideas, the best selection will be noise cancelling headphones, in-ear design and more. They hardly glanced at the price AirPods Pro 230-250 dollars.

Apple has achieved a huge success, offering at the same time the iPhone and iPhone 11 XR at a price that suits most consumers, as well as separately highlighting the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhone as a “premium” smartphone with a killer feature like secondary camera. So, with AirPods company did the same, dividing the headphones on several models at different prices and functions.

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AirPods have become the main theme of 2019

As predicted by Tim cook in a recent report, Apple ‘s financials, AirPods Pro is unique in the sense that they can appeal to current owners of conventional AirPods, so Apple will not only attract many new customers this holiday season, but also sell more AirPods Pro existing users who have not bought it.

AirPods Pro headphones for those who have already been AirPods. So says Tim cook

AirPods have almost no competition

Apple has managed to replenish its line of headphones a new model, and competitors yet not ready to launch their own headphones. Google has introduced a new Pixel format Buds completely wireless headphones that clearly drew inspiration from the AirPods, but these headphones will not go on sale until next spring.

Meanwhile, Microsoft was planning to release its Surface Pro Earbuds this year, just in time for the festive season. However, product Director of the company recently shared on Twitter that they need more time to “clarify all the details,” and now the headphones will only be released in the spring of 2020 as the Pixel Buds.

Of course, there are other completely wireless headphones from Bose, Samsung, Sony and many others, but considering the ease of connection, three options for the pricing and popularity of AirPods, I think, for Apple earphone current holiday season will be the most successful in history.

And if you remember that Apple has reduced the price of the Apple Watch Series 3, it becomes immediately clear what the company is going to storm the market for the new year.

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