We were asked to “20 thousand dollars” for advertising Scam project Decenturion. How does the Russian Bitconnect

Fraud in the niche cryptocurrency awaits around every corner. In addition to the unreliable ICO, you can lose money on “promising” projects. In mid-June we destroyed the Wealth of Bitcoins, the creators of which including two stock photos. And yesterday dealt with Ethereum Emerald, whose investors lost 57 thousand dollars. Today’s hero himself made itself felt.

What is Decenturion

The story began with a letter Telegram. One Arthur Gatti pleased with the cool news is told about the creation of the first blockchain-state. Here is a quote.

Good evening! I am a representative of a decentralized state “Decenturion”. Decenturion — the first Blockchain state, which implements the Blockchain technology on a global scale in all spheres of life of the citizens: economic, political, and social.

Sounds convincing. If you remember the promise of a Russian billionaire to create a space-faring nation with its proprietary cryptocurrency, such proposals are not even surprised. But go to the point.

My goal is to attract the best of the media industry in the CIS, as well as accreditation and the organization of the flow of the most relevant news on an exclusive basis. Your channel fits the criteria for accreditation.

Here the author throws the bait, after which the editors must divide all the questions. Here they are.

All accredited media will receive a very generous reward. For the publication of informational posts about the project you will receive 20 tokens DCNT every month. The cost of 1 DCNT — $1000.

20 thousand dollars a month? The offer is generous, the amount is large. Another question — where it came from. Token DCNT not traded on exchanges, so the number just made up out of my head. Let’s say we agree. Examine documents in the attachment.

The details of the work Decenturion

Learn more in “the principles of cooperation with accredited media.” They shared not a factory worker, and the Minister of education in Russia and China Rustam Zaripov.

The Minister lives in Perm and often travels. Here is a picture of him.

But his promise for the future “citizens of Decentering”.

But go to the list of benefits that we promise.

But the norm. For it and get dvadcatogo.

The Minister also promised not to censor the news. What I want is I write about. Imagine that the project we liked. Getting to know each other.

Decenturion. Fraud scheme

The authors of the project promise to create the blockchain state, which will distribute money to the villagers and not to take them in taxes. In addition, citizens will have to live separately — for this allegedly even buy the island next to Malaysia. What kind of areas “near” say — unclear.

To get the list of the elite simply simply register on the website. The procedure takes a couple of minutes before it it is necessary to accept the terms of service. Can investors lose all the money? Of course. All at your own risk.

In our case, the number of happy citizens Detention became brad pitt. To receive a printed version of the document for $ 50.

The final stage of registration — binding Ethereum wallet. The more it coins, more tokens DCNT allegedly received “citizen”.

Distribution is scheduled for the first of August.

What’s the Scam Decenturion

It all still sounds silly though, but harmless. However, there is danger — tokens sell for real bitcoins. The network is full of commercials with the instructions. Obviously, the sponsors also promised to “20 thousand dollars a month.”

One token sell for the equivalent of thousands of dollars. The project’s Creator purchased together with the bloggers in one voice shouting that the coin will rise to 50 thousand in a year. But all this is hodl, but surely you can earn and trade?

Yes. For this, the authors Decenturion offer to transfer the newly purchased DCNT in “asset management”. Another lure for fans of freebies. Allegedly put up the money, and then become richer at the expense of others. Dream.

The highest multiplier of X25 you can get if you give your tokens DCNT in trust Fund Cryptonomicon.

In fact, this is a classic sign of a pyramid. For a long period of abstinence from use of money and promise big profits, although in fact it is an additional deferral for creators. The more people agree to wait, the more time it will work Scam.

In the end, the creators will get real bitcoins, while the “citizens” will get useless candy wrappers and the promise of a 25 x’s in a year.

The authors earn — tokens are gradually moving the bills.

When it will reveal the Scam is unknown. Perhaps it will happen on 1 August. Also the authors may earn tokens and to wait until their accounts will be enough BTC. In any case, do not get fooled by the laudatory advertising. She paid for.

In the end

Before us — the people of Russia, who offered to all who wish to become citizens of the new state and get a lot of money. Who will allow to create a country and fill it with people — is unclear. Who sells Islands near Malaysia are far — doesn’t really matter.

You, above all, send the bitcoins to the correct account, but we’ll see. It is advisable to leave them on trust management for a couple of months. And even better — to forget. Let the author of the project Nikolay Evdokimov buy yourself a nice car.

Although it is better to buy a truck to drive for groceries in Malaysia still have. However, do not exclude the possibility that citizens will eat the idea of obtaining a 50-fold profit, and forget about food. X is still more important.

The logo, by the way, interesting.

And the fans — even better.

Discuss the scheme and the prospects of life on the island? Come to our cryptocurrency chat.

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