We were willing to see more non-skippable ads on YouTube


Although they had launched the paid version, the core elites are still free. Anyone can upload videos and anyone can watch them for free. It should be noted that viewers are forced to deal with ads, including non-skippable ads which you can skip only after a lapse of five seconds of her appearance. Will a new change to the appearance of more non-skippable ads on YouTube.

It wasn’t non-skippable ads are available to all content creators who can achieve income from their content, but that will change now. Confirmed YouTube to all the content creators who they can monetize their own videos on the platform will be able to soon do the non-skippable ads on all their videos.

You can expect to see more such ads starting from this week, where it will be put forward for this change. You will receive all content creators qualified notification in the Control Panel have to inform them that they can do the non-skippable ads even in videos that have been posted previously.

Get content creators more of the profits of advertisers thanks to these ads. Thus, provide youtube an incentive to homelessness prevention by the continuity in the production of more content. This means that viewers will cling to more content, which means the flow of more revenue from ads for YouTube.



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