Weak demand for iPhone X adversely affect the company Samsung

iPhone X

Just a few days after the release of the report which says that Apple managed to shipped 29 million units of the phone iPhone X, has cited industry insiders from South Korea that Samsung has reduced the rate of production of OLED screens by 10%. In addition, the frequency also that the South Korean company decided to postpone its plans for expansion in Vietnam amid growing doubts about the future of the Apple phone main.

He stated the source of that source A3 is specially designed to provide OLED screens for Apple only. In the case if you don’t respect my demand for the iPhone X, you will not be on the Samsung only accept the fact of seeing the revenues of the Department monitors its own decline this year. This factory produced 135 thousand OLED screen in the month with the knowledge that more than 100 thousand units of this screen and go to Apple.

While there is uncertainty about how that will be carried Apple introduced with the iPhone X, agencies have reported Korean news that the company is preparing to issue a phone with a screen OLED later this year, one the size of 5.46 inches while will come the other phone The size of 5.85 inches. There is a possibility to manufacture OLED screens used in these two phones by LG Display.

One of the companies other subsidiary of the company LG, which carry the name of LG Chemical operating without its batteries which will enhance the design of the shape of the letter ” L“, which is the batteries that are likely to be used in iPhones coming in the second half of this year. As we mentioned earlier, it is expected to start a company LG Chemical process of mass production of this battery some time this year.


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