Weak graphics card — not a sentence. How and how much you can make today with a cheap card from Nvidia or AMD?

The summer is hot, the weather here at anything. The case of Bitcoin: in the second half of June, the rate has exceeded 10 thousand dollars, which has not happened since March of last year. Other cryptocurrencies tightened too, and amid all this mining has again become profitable. Key the beauty of cryptocurrency mining — you can earn even with low-end graphics cards and without the academic title of Professor. You just need to choose a coin that you mine.

Anticipate in the comments screaming that Bitcoin Piramida, a cryptocurrency is a fraud and almost MMM. We may not argue. But what prevents from nomineee to sell your coins and convert them into hard currency the type of the ruble? Yet you can earn have to earn it. And discuss Bitcoin and its future can wait.

To choose a suitable crypto-currencies in two ways. The first and more obvious — use the ROI calculator mining 2CryptoCalc. With it’s simple: enter Hasrat your graphics card, indicate the appropriate algorithms and getting a list of the most profitable for mining on your card coins. Incidentally, the video for the launch of mining will also, but about it later.

The second option is the choice of currencies with low difficulty mining. The lower the score, the more chances to find block and get reward alone. Let’s look at the obvious in our view option.

Start with budget graphics cards. Just take six models: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1060 (3 and 6 GB), AMD Radeon RX470, RX480 and RX570.

How’s the GTX 1050 ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti — the minimum barrier of entry to mining. The model has 4 GB of memory, which is not enough for most cryptocurrencies. But this does not mean that with this GPU you can’t earn. For production recommend Ravencoin.

26 cents a day or 7.72 USD per month excluding electricity costs — is it bad? Enough for ice cream or something. For example, in a year you will be refunded the full price of this card: on Avito 1050Ti on average sell for 5,000 rubles. And here is a video describing the process of starting Ravencoin on the bullet 2Miners.

Profitability 3Gb Nvidia GTX 1060

GTX 1060 to 3 GB without problems will cope with Bitcoin’s Gold. By the way, cryptocurrency is working on an algorithm Equihash 144.5, which is protected from special devices for mining — ASIC. This means that the graphics card is not facing a sharp decline in profitability.

Here, the money is more serious. Almost 13 dollars for a month. Don’t know how to start mine BTG? See the movie.

How much does 6Gb Nvidia GTX 1060

GTX 1060 6 GB, also known as 1066, where functional. The best option for this card — definitely Aeternity.

AE will give 65 cents per day or almost $ 20 per month. Below is a video that will help to start the production of Aeternity. On 2Miners this coin digs about 250 people.

The profitability of the AMD Radeon RX470

“Red” graphics cards from AMD it’s simple: you need to dig or Ethereum, Ethereum or Classic. Show the profitability of both coins and RX470.

62 cents a day is more than 18 dollars per month. If you go to AliExpress and see the price of these cards, it will be clear that they pay for themselves very quickly. In this case, a little more profitable Ethereum is a Classic, so here is the corresponding video.

What makes AMD Radeon RX480

RX480 from RX470 little different hasraton — that is, productivity. Older model the algorithm produces Ethash 29.5 Mh/s.

And that 70 cents a day or $ 21 per month. If you have more confidence in the project Vitalik Buterin, that is, Ethereum, then watch this video-instruction.

The profitability of the AMD Radeon RX570

RX570 produces less than is 27.9 Mh/s. Profit in this regard is also less.

Alternatively, you can try mine Pirl. While Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is more reliable.

That mine yet?

Now the second option: a list of coins that are relatively small, the complexity of mining. This increases the chances of finding a block and earning money even with a small capacity.

Here recall ZelCash. The developers of eve have moved to a new mining algorithm and thus protected the owners of the cards. The coin is even lit up at the top of the table, the profitability of mining. Most of the time.

There is still MOAC, however the profitability on the same GTX 1060 6Gb is almost two times inferior to Aeternity.

Finally, attention can attract Zclassic. However, it is better not to communicate — because of problems with cryptocurrency exchanges may soon die.

Mining comes to life

The jump of Bitcoin above the psychologically important level in $ 10 thousand has given hope for new records. But at the same time forced to grow other coins, so their mining has become profitable even from a single card. Looks like there’s no more time for computer games — now card should earn. Even budget.

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