Wealth from heaven: because of an error of crypto currency exchange its users received $ 5.3 million

This “freebie” can wait for you anywhere. Korean crypto currency exchange Coinnest recently made an official statement on airdrop tokens We Game Tokens (WGT). Due to an unfortunate error during the process of distributing coins marketplace lost $ 5.3 million.

The money had not gone to the hackers, and settled on the wallets of local traders. At the moment experts of the stock exchange trying to run “backward” — to bring back all accidentally given the money. It is noteworthy that around Coinnest accumulated are not the most positive news since last year.

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Recall that in 2018, Director General of the exchanger Kim IK hwan was arrested by South Korean police on suspicion of embezzling funds from the company Fund. According to media reports, security forces raided the office Coinnest. The involvement of exchange for assignment of digital currencies could not be proven, so after a few months she regained the trust of ordinary users.

This time the incident occurred because of a computer crash, at least this version is now being distributed in the Korean media. Due to a bug, the exchange randomly distributed to 6 billion Korean won ($5.3 million). In the form of an unexpected gift traders received both Bitcoinand altcoins.

Coinnest start the recovery process. Representatives asked people to return the money to them. The Koreans have been very good clients to date, they have sent back nearly half of all funds.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, there were those who decided to use the extra money. They immediately began to merge obtained the bitcoins, which led to a sharp drop in the main cryptocurrency to $ 50 on the exchange. The course has recovered, and experts Coinnest continue to work on liquidation of consequences of incident.


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