Weather Live — king of weather forecasts

Come autumn, so the theme of predictions relevant again. The degrees in the thermometer gradually falling down, and the weather is becoming more unpredictable. To learn in advance about the imminent rain and not get wet will help Weather Live. The app shows the temperature “feels like”, knows about the pressure and happily settles in the notification bar.

The program provides necessary information instantly: immediately after starting the “Weather Live” defines the location and shows the forecast. Default data see inside the circle. There are minimum and maximum temperature, degrees feels like, wind speed, humidity and chance of precipitation. Against this background we see a beautiful smooth animation.

Located just below the weather conditions over the next three days. If you want a different interface, go to settings. The choice between a hybrid, text, and “weather station”.

Indicators for easy tuning. You can specify the appropriate units for temperature, pressure or wind speed. Also the program is able to constantly monitor the location to show the actual data. The activation function found in the settings.

The developers have ensured that the latest information was always before my eyes. For example, degrees are displayed in the notification bar. If you need a more detailed forecast, you add a widget to your desktop.

The app displays ads and offers to subscribe. For the money, the program will open access interactive weather maps and get rid of the ads.

Weather Live does its job. Users get an intuitive interface and all necessary information on the state of precipitation. With the winter still going to be close, but it will be able to prepare.

App: Weather Live
Developer: Apalon Apps
Category: Weather
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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