Weather Now: one of the weather apps on the Android and iOS

Weather Now is an application provides predictions for the weather a chic three-dimensional to users of Android and iOS.

Will you application pictures of the Earth and the stars as well as the sun in high quality, and most importantly in real-time.

Weather Now: أحد تطبيقات الطقس القوية على أندرويد و iOSWeatherNow: one of the weather apps on Android and iOS

One of the features of Weather Now the other, introduced to you formally graphically with the forecast for the weather for 15 days, with his explanation of the circumstances and Meteo daily detailed.

Include these graphs, the temperature in day and night, wind speed and humidity speed of the clouds, and all of that and more with detailed information based on a database of more than 100, 000 Center.

It’s on the notifications bar, will give you the Photos app on the circumstances and the current process, with the tool “widget” for Weather customizable.

In addition to the weather radar and rain radar here are the points of what can be displayed with the application of the Weather Now:

  • Description of the weather conditions.
  • The temperature of the air.
  • Wind direction and strength.
  • Pressure.
  • Moisture.
  • Dew and distance vision.
  • Probability of precipitation.
  • The UV index and the level of ozone.
  • The quality of the air.
  • Sunrise and sunset times and more.

Finally, available app Weather Now for Android and iOS to download for free, with internal purchases are many, and here the application supports Android version 4.1 to the latest, the version iOS 11 the latest.

Can download the App Android | iOS

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