Web version of WhatsApp get in turn on the ability to run videos in a floating window


The launch of web version of WhatsApp since a relatively long time, and users can use the web version of this to get to their conversations on the computer. This is useful because it means they wouldn’t need to keep moving to their phones whenever a new message has appeared. Now, it seems that the web version of WhatsApp has become much better thanks to the recent update.

Got a web version of WhatsApp and the new update brings with IT support for picture-in-Picture ( Picture-In-Picture ) on the lines of WhatsApp application on smart phones, so this means that it will be the users of the web version of WhatsApp to run videos in a video player floating separately. This lets users continue to chat with contacts of their own and move to a different conversation, all while continuing to run the video.

However, it seems that the web version of WhatsApp may in fact be better and more useful because it means that users will be able to play the video while chatting with their friends and continue to use other applications at the same time. So now is not support only a few video platforms that include Youtube and Instagram and Facebook and Streamable.

Take advantage of this new feature, you will need to access to WhatsApp through the web. We know that there is an application dedicated for personal computers, but is currently limited to this feature on the web version, but it will be most likely to apply to personal computers later.


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