WeChat app blocking may be restricted to USA only


As the US government contemplates a ban on the Chinese app WeChat, there are concerns that this ban will have greater repercussions than previously thought. For example, this could affect companies like Apple that have a strong presence in China, as they are estimated to lose billions of dollars if the app is banned in China.

However, the near good news is that according to a report from Bloomberg News, its sources told her that instead of a blanket ban, the WeChat app will only be used in the USA, which means that the rest of the world will continue to use the app freely. It was not previously clear how the US government would handle the ban, and given that Apple is of American origin, it has been speculated that the ban might force Apple to stop all dealings with China.

However, it should be noted that WeChat is one of the most used chat apps in China due to which many other US chat apps are blocked in China or not working properly. As a result, there are still some people living in the USA who rely on WeChat to communicate with family members, friends or business partners in China.

A recent survey also found that many Chinese customers will stop buying and using the iPhone if this ban goes into effect, and this is what will lead Apple to lose billions of dollars. However, prominent Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously predicted that if the ban was limited to just the USA, it might not have a major impact on Apple as shipments would drop by only 3 to 6 percent.


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