Went macOS 10.14.1 and watchOS 5.1 with the function of the ECG for the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple introduced final Assembly macOS 10.14.1 and watch OS 5.1. Both updates are already available for download for the owners of all compatible devices. Particularly welcome an update will Apple Watch users Series 4, because today is their hours officially began to record an ECG reading.

Despite the fact that macOS 10.14.1 is an update of the third order, it contains at least two innovations: support group calls to FaceTime with the maximum number of participants to 32, inclusive, and a set of more than 70 new Emoji that can be used in the correspondence, adding expressiveness messages in chat rooms.

The function of the ECG in the Apple Watch

watchOS 5.1, in turn, contains the function of removing the ECG, which was presented at the presentation on September 12, and new dials.

Officially, the function of ECG is only available to US due to restrictions imposed by the Federal office for supervision of quality of foodstuff and medicines. Despite this, testing diagnostic innovation will be able to all the owners of the Apple Watch Series 4, regardless of the country of their actual location.

How to enable ECG to the Apple Watch in Russia

To activate the ECG, you must change your current region settings to the United States. Do not worry, this action will not bring down the set time zone and will not affect the language settings of hours, but will give you access to a long-awaited innovation.

Remember that even though the Apple Watch and is capable of diagnosing atrial fibrillation, they are not a medical instrument. For this reason, in case of detection of signs of violations of the heart, are strongly advised to seek qualified medical help.

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