What altcoins will rise this week and why it happens

Monday began with good news — the experts predicted growth of Bitcoin up to 9300 dollars and above. The week will also be nice for owners of altcoins. In the next seven days jump Ripple, Komodo and HireMatch.

The rate of the Ripple is expected to grow

Today Ripple is traded at 66 cents with a total market capitalization of 26 billion dollars. The cost is close to the peak of the weekly cryptocurrencies in 69 cents and is far from the minimum. He was 48 cents, and came in ninth.

The company has great potential for growth. Ripple has already established cooperation with the Bank of England, Royal Bank of Scotland, financial services company MoneyGram, Spanish Banco Santander and BBVA. Recently the partnership began with Western Union.

This week RIPL waiting for two important events. The first listing on the stock exchange XRP BlockBid Exchange. Originally BlockBid was ICO, which was able to sell the coins for $ 1.2 million and to obtain cryptocurrency license in Australia. This means that the company is among the few that legally conducts the operations with cryptocurrency in the region. Thus BlockBid will open for XRP new continent.

The second event — the release of the new payment applications for the Caribbean and Latin America from Western Union. The program uses Ripple and may well affect the course of bitcoin. The launch is scheduled for April 18, according to Bitcoinist.


Developers HireMatch, which is also known as Hire, this week, awaits the presentation. The event will be held in Las Vegas, and the company will be the opposite of the giants in the field of recruitment. Among them will be Monster.

Journalists point to the high cost of tickets, which is $ 1,200. At the show waiting for wealthy visitors who are able to invest in the project.


Representatives of the Komodo work with decentralized ICO. The first sale of tokens within dICO platform Komodo will take place tomorrow — April 17th.

Today for one coin KMD give 3.55 USD. The first of April the rate stood at 2.22 per dollar. The team is also working on a project of decentralized exchanger BarterDex, which also adds to her points.

I hope the overall positive background will affect other coins. We will remind, Tim Draper believes in 250 thousand dollars for Bitcoin in four years.

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