What Apple could announce on March 25

Recently it became known that the next presentation of the Apple can go 25 Mar. According to rumors, the event will be entirely devoted to services, but analysts do not exclude that the company will introduce a number of “iron” novelties. We decided to gather all that Apple can show 25 March: certainly not the fact that the forecast will come true, but at least part of this, the Corporation will not leave without attention.

iPad mini 5 (probability 25 %)

The same design as the iPad mini 4 with 7.9-inch display and a thickness of 6.1 mm, but with an updated processor, lower price and possible support Apple Pencil. Expected headphone Jack and Touch ID.

iPad 7th generation (probability 25 %)

The same design as that of iPad 6th generation, but with an updated processor and a new 10-inch display. Support Apple Pencil, Touch ID, headphone Jack and other functions of the iPad remain.

iPod touch 7th generation (probability 10 %)

Little is known, most likely, the player will receive the same design as the iPod touch 6th generation without Face ID or Touch ID. No bells and whistles in the style of the iPhone is not expected, since Apple will probably want to reduce costs, the device will have a faster processor A-series.

AirPods 2 (probability 25 %)

Expected wireless case to charge the headset, and supporting “Hey Siri”. Analysts suggest small design changes, black color and health-related features as new features. Information, however, is ambiguous and at least a charging case that we’ll see for sure, while the new AirPods will not be released until the fall.

AirPower (probability 25 %)

The long-awaited wireless charging stand for Apple AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch finally is in production and is expected to be released in the first half of 2019.

News Apple (100% probability)

Apple is planning a subscription news service costing $ 9.99 a month which will provide unlimited access to paid sites such as The New York Times and the Washington Post. While not all news sites are “on Board”, but it is expected that this will be announced at the event on March 25.

Apple News Magazine (probability 100 %)

There were rumors that the service cost $ 9.99 a month will grant access to the journals, similar to the service offered Texture, coffee, Apple, and purchased in 2018. Whether the journals included in the same charge of $ 9.99 for the update is unclear. So expect to see your subscription on the news and in magazines, attached to Apple News.

Service streaming TV (probability 80 %)

Apple is working on a streaming TV service that will include more than two dozen television shows and movies, as well as access to subscription content from other cable providers. We don’t know how much it will cost, but the service is expected to debut somewhere in April, so it will be also present in March. By the way, all the Apple services may be available in one great package.

iOS 12.2 (probability 100 %)

The new OS will expand the work of the Apple News in Canada, provide support for HomeKit, AirPlay 2 for third-party TVs and dobavit several other new features in iOS. It is expected that it will be running on is scheduled for March 25 event Apple. Or earlier.

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