What are the chances to return the stolen bitcoins? The surprising answer

Security experts believe that cases of theft of cryptocurrency is much more than reported. People just don’t make a fuss as don’t believe that the coins can be returned. As stated in Reuters, the unique nature of cryptocurrencies has led us to the double-edged sword. Today cryptocurrency investors do not expect that the fraudsters will be caught. Meanwhile, the attackers increasingly are operating in cryptosphere, because they believe that will be able to avoid punishment.

Cryptocurrency = problem specific nature

The representative unit of the FBI to combat money laundering Patrick Weinman draws attention to the unique nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, this leads to the formation of the security problems of specific nature.

Decentralized currency system, whether it is Bitcoin or another virtual currency raises a lot of suspicion. But it does not fall under the laws on combating money laundering and are not regulated by any authorities.

Statistics show not only the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, but the number of related crimes. Security experts believe that a large number of these crimes indicates the employment of investigators of high-profile cases, while small investors are left unattended. It becomes clear that none of the law enforcement Agency does not have the resources for realizing each crime.

Research firm Autonomous NEXT Crypto Aware and cooperate with the victims of cryptocurrency fraud. They estimate that in the period from 2012 to the first half of 2018 attackers stole kryptonate 1.7 billion. This year the figure has increased by 800 million. According to the study, about 85 percent of the incidents are not even reported.

Source: 2bitcoins.ru

Able to return only 20 percent of the stolen cryptocurrency

In a report by Reuters provides information from the head of the California-based company CipherTrace David Jevans. He said that only 20 percent of the stolen cryptocurrency was able to return. It’s a given chance of breaking cryptocurrency exchanges, when the tokens can easily flow across state lines and even countries. If you follow the Protocol, to collect evidence and institutions in several countries need a lot of time. And that the game was worth the candle, at stake must be huge amount.

Information prepared in CCN. More data look at cryptodata of hontarov.

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