What are the features Android users want to see in iOS?

A week ago the site was published material, which were considered the features of iOS, which is lacking in the Androidusers. We relied on the Reddit thread from user guyaneseboi23, this time he decided to create a similar thread, but now with the features of Android that iOS users would like to see on their smartphones.

Selection of default apps

In iOS still can’t choose default apps. When you click on the link, you always have to open Safari, but maybe we don’t want to use this browser?

The ability to transfer files

Apple does not allow you to transfer files from computer memory to an iPhone. Okay, the future is in cloud, but why not give users what they want?

Notification icons

In the status bar Android icons are notifications that make it easy to understand what had been notified, without dropping the curtain. Why not do this in iPhone?

Always On Display

Android smartphones with AMOLED screens support Always On Display. It allows you to conveniently view the time and notifications even on the lock screen. Why iPhone X there is no such convenient features still?

LED notification light

It you notice, but off iPhone gives no sign. Android smartphones have the LED indicators blinking whenever a new notification. Moreover, in the iPhone there is Always On Display, so there is also no indicator is a real convenience for $ 1,000.

Smart Siri

People don’t like Siri. Assistant Google and Alice from Yandex is much steeper. Siri in 90% of cases, displays only links to articles from the Internet. Siri is on the market for 8 years, but to talk about her amazing abilities not necessary. The competitors were presented earlier, and far ahead in quality.

And what features in iOS missing iPhone? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to us via Telegram.

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