What are the features that took Samsung from Huawei in Note 9 to?

The advent of the Galaxy Note original was a landmark of the world of smart phones, thanks to the giant screen (which was a category 5 inch) for phones at the time, for example, we find that the iPhone 4S, which was launched the same year came with a Screen 3.5-inch. As well as a pen that didn’t care about the phones of the competition to submit until today, which has evolved significantly over the years.

Lasted Samsung extended note series and S has many advantages including a curved screen and water resistance IP68 and wireless, but then suffered from the slow pace of innovation even had to take a look at the strongest areas of my phones note today: series dead of Huawei.

Huawei since I started the series dead years ago, she sees herself as she swallowed a huge size too for a size 6 inch has been reiterated by many metres world now that headed a number of companies such as Samsung to phone of this size, Mega the Huawei hinted more than once that there are companies that reduce their.

But actually Samsung took more than just the size of the Huawei below we’ll talk about the points made by Huawei first then now I took Samsung’s latest phones Note 9.


Artificial intelligence camera

Perhaps first explained the things you suggested, is to train a system of artificial intelligence for the scenes that depict her camera Note 9, It has got this feature first phone dead 10 Pro then we have seen in the P20 pro was more advanced, where the phone on the scene adjusts the settings of the export, therefore, become the colors and its contrast is better, for example, which images the sky it makes its blue more as if there was a tree it removes from greener and other modifications to become sound very beautiful.

Note 9 The Group of up to 20 scene settings photography dedicated to each, are similar to the group of scenes that we have system Samsung with special Hoi An has beaches, waterfalls, animals, snow, text, documents, foods, flowers and, although each system has particular problems we have, like watching the fireworks that we have a system of Huawei and beauty that we have system Samsung.



One of the things made by Huawei is the belief of the capacity of artificial intelligence to performance management to become your phone performance better with time and its Speed has made the first one EMUI 5. Where the use of machine learning (a branch of artificial intelligence) to improve performance over time, and performance assessment of neural network dedicated to the task of artificial intelligence with Kearney 970.

Not exult Samsung so much for this feature at the launch of Note 9 and the mention of the “device managed by the algorithm of artificial intelligence to perform better,” maybe because they don’t want to show the participation of repeating what you did to Huawei.


The battery is large, a fundamental requirement for safety note, especially when compared with the series dead, that I knew Peter a capacity of 4000 mAh.

It was interesting no doubt to see the arrival of Note 9 to the battery of 4,000 mAh, it sought logical when you look at the capabilities of the phone, as it is a guide also on the aspiration of the Samsung to the main attraction points with competitors.

What about the future of Huawei and Samsung’s?

Perhaps we feel scans the engineers of Samsung phones dead during the development of Note 9, as may be the camera P20 Pro triple source of inspiration for the case S10, which reported a lot of reports about his support for Camera three.

We find that Samsung is adopting the advantages of proximity to by after I got Huawei its organs, including the property isolation of the background of the “focus organism” (Live Focus) known as the “mode number” (Aperture Mode) with Huawei, which allows the user to adjust the level of fog, the scene and level of insulation even after filming, as we find also a nod reader insight to drive down to open the Notification Center and the first dead S adopted by Samsung (and even Google phones pixels), as well as multiple sign-in for apps (App Twin) Presented for the first time one EMUI 5.0 and then were added for Samsung devices as the Dual Messenger.

This we call by the end of 2018 arrival of the dead 20 processor Kern 980 new, and the company has to offer updated real response from them on a notepad the 9, perhaps be the source of inspiration for the new Samsung and others.

In the end, is not wrong to quote the company of the other, all companies, without exception, take ideas from its competitors and develop products that entice customers and drive them as much as possible.

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