What are the gate scanning Port Scanning is?

ما هي بوابة المسح الضوئي Port Scanning ؟

If port scanning is somewhat similar to the vibration range of the door handles to see which doors are unlocked. As regards the scanner on the ports on the router firewall or open, and can use this information to find potential vulnerabilities of a computer system.

  • What is the gateway Port for?

When the device is connected to the computer with another device over a network, it determines the port number of the TCP or UDP port from 0 to 65535. However, it is used that some ports are more iterative. Food providers do TCP used from 0 to 1023 which is “suitable for well-known” provide System Services. For example, the region 20 represents a file transfer FTP, and port 22 is a communication network terminal secure (SSH), and Port 80 traffic is standard HTTP over the web, and Port 443 is HTTPS encrypted. So, when you connect to a secure web site, turns your web browser to the web server that listens on Port 443 of that server.

But I don’t always run services on these ports. For example, you can run a web server HTTPS on Port 32342 or server Secure Shell on Port 65001, if you like it. It’s just the assumptions of a standard.

  • What is a port scan Port Scan is?

Port scanning is the process of checking all the ports on the IP address to see if it was open or closed. The programme inspect the product to verify port 0 and port 1 and port 2 and the length of the road to the house to 65535. This is done simply by sending a request to each port and requested a response. In its most basic form, asks program a separate scan for each port, one at a time. Will respond to the remote system and whether the product is open or closed. Thus you will know the person who is running a port scan open ports and the ports closed.

It is worth noting that it may prevent any firewalls network in road traffic or drop it, so the program port scanning is also a way to find the ports that can access or expose them to the sun on this remote system.

It is also the tool nmap is a network tool common used programs port scanning to play a role, but there are many tools to scan the other.

  • Why do people say run the port scan is?

Stating the operations of port scanning to identify potential security vulnerabilities in the system. Where he will tell the attacker by the ports open on the system, which will help them formulate a plan of attack. For example, if the discovery server Secure Shell (SSH) Dreamcast high on the platform 22, it trying important to the direction and control of the presence of weak passwords. If there is another type of servers listens on another port, may be able to striker to pick up and see if there is an error that can be exploited. Perhaps it is running an old version of the program, and that there is a known security vulnerability can go through it.

Can help these types of scans also detect the services running on the ports are not default. So, if you are running a SSH server on Port 65001 instead of Port 22, the port scan would have revealed this, can the attacker try to connect to SSH server your on this product. But you can’t hide a server on non-default port to secure your system, although it makes it difficult to find your server.

  • How to be surveys optical serious?

Can scanning help the attacker find a weak point to attack him, and the Storming of a computer system your. It’s only the first step, however. I don’t mean just finding an open port that you can attack him. But after finding an open port is a service running listening listening service, so you can examination his search for security vulnerabilities. This is the real danger.

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In your home network, be sure that you have a router sitting between you and the internet. No one could people on the Internet scanning for the router only, and will not find anything other than the potential services on the router itself. It also works this router as a firewall – unless you are forwarding individual ports from the router to another device, in this case, the width of these ports specified on the internet.

For servers, computer networks, companies can configure firewalls to discover the operations of the port scanning and the Prohibition of the traffic from the address that is being scanned. If you configure all services on the internet securely and do not have any known security vulnerabilities, but does not have to be scan ports very scary.

  • Types of surveys optical

There are a number of types of scanning, so that there is a scan which is “TCP connection is full”, where sends the scanner a message SYN (connection request) to the outlet. If the port is open, the remote system message SYN-ACK (acknowledgement). It is considered the scanner is of Responds to the message ACK (acknowledgment). This is a confirmation a TCP connection, as a known scanner, that the system accepts connections on port if this occurred.

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If the port is closed, responds to the remote system a message RST (reset). If the remote system is on the network, there will be no response.

As you say, some scanners scan the “half-open TCP”. Rather than go through the SYN full SYN-ACK, then ACK, just send a SYN and wait for the message SYN-ACK or RST response. There is no need to send the ACK to the final to complete the connection, where it will undergo a SYN-ACK all you need to know scanner.

Include other types of checks sent types of strange from the package is correct and wait to see if the remote system returns the package RST to close the connection. If so, the scanner knows that there is a system out of this site, and to access certain locked. In the case of non-receipt of the package, it means the scanner that the product should be open.

Since the program asks information about each port, one by one, you can easily configure the firewalls on the network to discover this behavior on and off, and why do some scanning techniques are different. For example, to scan the area to check a smaller range of ports, or he could examine the full range of outlets over a period of time much longer so that it is difficult to detect.

Prepare operations inspect the product or scanning tool Security Key, is “bread and butter” when it comes to hacking (and securing) computer systems. But it is just a tool that allows an attacker to find areas that might be vulnerable to attack also. They do not give the attacker access to the system, system can qualified securely to bear the full scan of the product without any damage.

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What are the gate scanning Port Scanning is?

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