What are the main advantages of Bitcoin? The opinion of the maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee

Bitcoin is not subject to censorship, and transactions in the blockchain coins are unchanged. These features are the main advantages of coins, said the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee. The businessman told about the advantages of Bitcoin from the point of view of its intrinsic value, not of course that “first and foremost depend on the manipulations of the market participants”. His words are quoted AMB Crypto.

As an explanation of the judgment that Bitcoin is not censored, Lee mentioned the situation of life. In 2010-2011 he played in the poker industry then online gaming was at its peak, and the winnings and the stakes were huge. However, the US government at one point decided to close down the three largest sites-the organizer of the games.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin? Meets Charlie Lee

All payments and invoices addressed to the poker sites were blocked-including Visa, Mastercard and any other payment system. Online poker was effectively censored. These sites were winning money, and I can’t get them — although the work I was doing was legal. A few months after that I found out about Bitcoin, which is not controlled by governments or corporations. With it, you can play online poker and to do anything. No one will stop you.

Another advantage of the coin — open data about all the transactions that there is no reason to change.

If you send someone a million dollars in Bitcoin, that person will gladly wait one hour or even a day until it is all in the blockchain for a transaction. There will be a lot of other units, why change something in the transaction is economically inefficient.

Earlier, the author of the popular YouTube channel TruthNeverTold called Litecoin is the greatest Scam in the history of cryptocurrencies, and Charles Lee crooks who profited from the investors.

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