What are the MicroLED is? Why do you want Apple to use the technology?

Apple is working on the development of the screen by herself for the first time, but it will not produce OLED screens or LCD, but requires the mark of America to outperform both in terms of brightness and color accuracy and control, and the treatment seeks to achieve through what is called the microLED.

What are the microLED is?

LCD screen dominating the industry of mobile phones lit up by a “light emitting diode” and well-known test of the LED, where the LED light source is the nomination of a number of filters and polarization of liquid crystal filters the colors and composition of the image.

Unlike LCD, OLED does not need a source of light to display images, instead, rely on a film of organic compounds emitting light in response to electric power. This allows the light individually for each pixel in the screen, resulting in a contrast ratio better than your LCD.

In addition, the optical source in the LCD need to be running all the time which leads to show the black color faded, but the ability of OLED to lighting each pixel individually makes it in no need to illuminate the pixels of the Black shows the dark depth of the black color, and also features OLED screen is slimmer it is one of the reasons why the industry shifted to the use.

It’s similar to screen microLED with the OLED in the State for the optical source, where the on LED lights small be all of three pixels a branch and enjoy the puffs turn it. This means it is able to display the same contrast ratio one color black screen OLED alongside its additional features, for example: create screen micoLED about organic materials used in OLED increases their life span, and use plates nitride Galle (alternative for organic synthesis) produces Brightness up to 30 times the output on the OLED screen besides not suffering from burns tea known by OLED screens.

Problem micoLED it?

As is the case with any emerging technology, cost is a problem, adding to the difficulty of development; in screen 1080p, which include about 2.1 million pixels, the mounting plate separate for each sub-pixel means the installation of 6.3 million board sub-pixels individually.

What might push Apple to invest in micoLED it?

I asked Apple about 270 million screen iPhone 2018 only, and half of them will be OLED, and that in itself pushes them to search for their independence in addition to miss the screen micoLED on its competitors. That’s why working Apple TV to use the screen micoLED in the hour of her first, then study produced for the rest of the hardware, but it will take the company quite a few years so you can refrain from using the screens of its competitors.


Apple is not alone in this adventure, Samsung has unveiled a TV in The Wall the size of a 146-inch by MicroLED recently to be made available for sale later in 2018, the company’s pricing screen which will be extremely expensive, as they will be limited availability.

According to analysts it will undoubtedly be it the tea industry to micoLED to happen to the overall expansion within 4-5 years, but, even then, the pricing of their precious will make the consumers go for them.

For Apple TV, production micoLED on a small scale last smart is a good step towards stability, since wearable devices are in scope, appropriate to pilot new technologies, predicts the coming of the Apple watch next year a micoLED and then maybe two or three years the advent of the first iPhone screen micoLED.

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