What are the permissions of Android applications and how to control it?

Permissions allow the app to access various data stored on the device such as contacts and media files through the components of the phone such as camera and microphone, since the app requires these permissions so as to benefit from its functionality.

And you enjoy the application and grant the same permissions, where the user must be granted permission to approve (allow) at his request during the open application or use the feature for the first time.

You will see that most of the updated apps work even if I refuse (deny) to grant permissions, but will prevent you from access to the advantages certain unless you give it permission, even to refuse publication on Facebook, you must grant access permission to. But old applications break down often when blocking permissions and try to run it.

Explanation of permissions

You’ll find these permissions under the section applications and notifications in the settings app systems Android, and any permission the app can have access to certain data:

Storage: read, write or transfer files to the internal memory or external.

Calendar: read, add, edit or delete calendar events.

Are theMessages Text: read and receive and send text messages and multimedia messages.

Camera: take pictures and record video.

Location: access to your location using GPS data and cellular network and Wi-Fi.

Microphone: to record audio, including photos videos.

Phone: access the phone number data of the internet, require to make calls or internet calls or voice mail or call forwarding or edit call logs.

Contacts: to read or create or modify or delete contacts.

Sensor body: access to your data health sensor heart beat sensor Tracker fitness and other sensors.

You will also find a special section with permissions other sign same on its functions.

Grant book permissions

When you open the application or try the feature on an Android device will require some permissions that can agree to give her a first time, I wanted to withhold some of the permissions you have one of two options:

Control permissions for a specific app:

Head to Settings > apps > notifications > applications > choose the app > app permissions

After a book is what you provided from the permissions or click the list of the three points of the top right of the screen to view all the permissions and which of them to investigate

Control then certain:

Head to Settings > Applications and notifications > permissions > select one of the permissions you will see a list of applications that granted by this permission with the option to remove the ear.

What are the permissions that must be granted to them?

The necessary permissions to use the app is that you must give only, it is not logical to prevent the application of the flash of the camera down to the storage or microphone; to reduce the chance of penetrating your data or install malicious programs.

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