What are the solutions from Apple I don’t want to use

Probably about the readers of our site one thing is very sure. Since the website somewhat devoted to a fairly narrow subject, namely the Apple products and related news, people who come here who are not indifferent to the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other gadgets from Cupertino. I am also one of them and enjoy almost everything Apple. Here are just some of the features and gadgets of the company do not want to use it. I want to share my collection. Perhaps you will agree with me.

Apple may like a lot. Perhaps even almost everything. But exceptions are always there.

The answers to the questions that I asked many of my friends, gave me to understand that almost most of the current Apple fans joined the company in one of the two stages of its existence.

Some began to use the ”i-device” in the Golden years of iPod popularity. Indeed, fall in love with them then it is very simple. Compact, beautiful, no crashes, intuitive, works nice, the sound quality is good. Almost all these players was amazing. I never fell for it and used player Samsung. The exact model I do not remember, but I loved it.

Then came the iPhone and at first it was perceived as ”impressive, but it has no future”, ”where’s the stylus?”, ”how camera without zoom?” and so on. Despite this now few would argue that the iPhone changed our lives, bringing to it the Internet on every street corner, convenient services and a new level of communication. Not all impersonation of these phenomena, I feel good and think that we are wrong, but the fact remains.

The second wave of engagement of fans for Apple based on the survey of their friends I recognized the wide spread of iPhone during the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. These devices were really cool for its time and not surprisingly, many then begin to pour into infrastructure.

iPhone 5 and version “s” still like it very much.

Many would argue and say that joined in the Wake of the advent of the iPad, which is not just the arc went on created a the market, contrary to forecasts of sceptics, but almost single-handedly keeps this market for many years. Not even going to argue, because the product is really a cult and attracted a lot of fans. I only said that he observed among his friends.

I joined just in the Wake of the first iPhone, as it believed in its prospects. Since used almost all models and I think they are cool, though not without sins. About them and want to tell.

The contents

How to use Siri

If you use Siri, you will not agree with me, but personally I don’t want to use it. Periodically I give her a chance and ask you to enable notification or to create a note, but the work is still not very good. I’m not even going to raise the question of why Siri cannot work normally on the HomePod and Apple TV in the Russian language, as this is a separate issue.

The other day while cooking dinner at home, I asked Siri to turn on the timer. Then again. Again and again while you just took the iPhone in his hands and turned it by hand. I don’t know what became of her, but the words ”turn on the timer for 15 minutes” she saidthat you can’t find it on the Internet. What could it pereklinilo, if this team was one of the few that I have used, is unclear.

I also sometimes use notes, when you have a lot to say, but to write uncomfortable. I dictate the text, and then, when it comes to writing an article based on this text, I simply treated. It’s convenient but, in fact, is the usual voice dialing.

Some applications can be done easier:5 functions of the Messaging on iOS that make it easier

Otherwise, I was most surprised that the functions of reminders, run applications, or working with timers once work and once not. I’m not even talking about schools, like the requests to start the timer, after which it opens the clock app and nothing happens.

Siri Command

Another feature that is, but it does not justify the hopes assigned to it, it is the team. I do not deny that the idea is very cool and can really make life easier, only to use it nobody knows. On the one hand, the process is simplified, but it is still difficult for most potential users.

Another problem is the lack of real cases of use. Pull a few ears, but in real life neither I nor other users I know do not use this feature. You may need more to stimulate the promotion of ready-made scripts, including Apple itself, or to prepare a base for more simple training commands, but so far it is not working as it could.

How to install app on Apple Watch

I appreciated the emergence of WatchOS 6 the possibility of installing apps without using the iPhone. This can be done directly from its own AppStore on the clock.

The Apple Watch is considered as real hit the smartwatch.

In fact this function, I have used only a few times, and then, just to try it. Everything else can and is easier to install the iPhone. At the same time, I do not criticize itself the opportunity. On the contrary, I fully support her appearance, as such, more logical and many will enjoy. Especially in models with eSIM. In this collection function was only due to the fact that I never use and I am sure that most of you are too.

The application ”Books” in the iPhone

Over time I started to use almost all the standard applications on Mac and iPhone. Even Pages which at first I didn’t really like, I have replaced Google Docs and MS Word. But there is one app that I still do not understand. This ”Book”.

Now I use it only sometimes as a native repository of PDF files. Although, I do so rather by force of habit, because now they can be saved to a File or third-party applications, of which there are countless.

Initially the application ”Books” needed this for books. They’re now there, but the number of books in the Russian language can be counted on the fingers of a drunken Miller. They are not just a little, it’s easier to say that they are there at all.

Why this happens is not very clear, because we love to read and to conclude an agreement with the editors globally will not be easy. Given the capabilities of the Apple and a lot of users which has at least one device, in working with it interested almost all the publishers who have rights to distribute books.

We like to read. It would be nice to read books in Russian in native iPhone app and iPad.

With movies and music? Why can’t books? Given the example of the popularity of apps such as Litres, it gets even more strange. Although, perhaps there intervenes the notion of exclusive rights, but I don’t think this is true, and for so many years Apple would not be able to solve the problem with this desire.

Bad Apple products

I gave the example that most often catches the eye, and the functions of Apple devices, I don’t want to use it. Write in the comments or in our Telegram chat that you think about. If all you like to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple devices?

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