What are the technical eSIM for? Why moving companies phones to adopt her?!

As is customary, the intervention of some of the techniques to prominence when employed by “Apple” in their products, which is the case with the advance of technology eSIM in the new generation of phones iPhone . No technical eSIM hyper-modern, but in reality it still lacks wide application, due to several reasons, which looks like it will become a reality soon.

What are the technical eSIM for?

To simplify things, we can conceive of technology eSIM as card phone SIM card has been installed permanently on the slide of the mother’s own mobile phone. Any IT phone card can not be changed or replaced, and the user can have access to it, but also at the same time can be programmed externally so that the user can choose a mobile phone network that wants to deal with the rest that wants it, then that info is uploaded wirelessly to the phone to connect the phone with the network like there install the SIM card New.

Why are mobile phone industry to adopt technology eSIM on a large scale?

The initial market Technical that the whole world will adopt the technique of eSIM in a few years to come, maybe during the next several years will Cards الSIM traditional permanently from the markets.

Due to several reasons make of the technique of eSIM is the future. Speaking the makers of the phones for the new as it allows them to build smart phones resistant to water more than before, and easily more where you can give totally custom drawers for cards الSIM traditional which is a weakness against water and dust in phones, it allows the technical owner of the phone the ability to make their phones thinner where you put the slide gallery special بالeSIM in any place within the company, the motherboard easily and burn more.

As users, it should be to allow them to technique eSIM freedom to easily navigate between phone operators without having to change the SIM card or even visit a branch of the company, so waiting to become step to get rid from the operator of the phone and move to another is simple and does not require more than register a new account through the get with the new operator.

Are you seeing the networks of operators of mobile phone technology eSIM for?

May be affected only theoretically of the new technology are the operators of mobile phones, where the technology allows eSIM easy navigation between corporate users, in addition to access to easily navigate between mobile networks to foreign currency when you travel without restriction poses an opportunity to overcome the obstacles the cost of roaming services, which may be reflected by the telecommunications companies. But, in return, will make the new subscription in the network connection more easily and perhaps less cost to the company which is expected to become the most of its sales from the phone lines via its website.

You will provide technical eSIM in the Arab region?

Over the past two years the company “Etisalat”, “du” and”Saudi Telecom” several experiments on the new technology, as all of them have signed agreements with companies and technology intermediary with the aim of providing new service to their customers. Until this moment, the items “Apple” e-mail list of states that will allow its service to eSIM and 10 states only, not including any Arab state, which was confirmed by sources on the telecom companies in the UAE, which said that the service will be available at the launch of the iPhone a new month, but it spreads during the next six months to become a service available in several Arab countries.

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