What are the technology CPU turbo that will power phones Huawei?

When Huawei announced about GPU turbo, there was a lot of debate about what you do technical, now the company disclosed the technology CPU turbo processor with Kirin 970 in Onur Note 10, there seems to be puzzled about what you are doing, so let’s highlight them.

Formally: Onur know about the Galaxy Note 10

It was the official announcement of the technology CPU Turbo is very ambiguous, but what seems clear even now is that immediately after the activation of the CPU turbo will increase the speed of the Processor Frequency as much as non-specific as it will dump the space used memory random.

And Note 10 cooling system on behalf of “The Nine” which consists of a tube heat keeps the temperature of the processor is low, which allows raising the frequency of the Processor without increasing the temperature, although it may increase the energy consumption, and this is the reason the phone on the giant battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh to handle this increase.

As for the empty space and RAM, it will load games faster, and helps in the this thing access Note 10 to 6 gigabytes of space radio as standard, with a version comes with 8 gigabytes also.

Huawei's CPU Turbo: what does it do?

Not related to these technical toys only, so that the leading Onur supports pattern download to desktop computer, which means that the speed of the Processor top and the area of the RAM empty can help in running some computer programs, where the phone comes with a dedicated button to operate the technology CPU and GPU turbo.

Worth mentioning that, expected to up the technology CPU Turbo to a number of phones Onur Huawei other via software update, just like the GPU turbo that has started to reach the users.

Huawei announces the Launch Date of the technology to increase the strength of its phones

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