What are the television sets which operate with a laser? And what advantages that will bring to you?

ما هي أجهزة التليفزيون التي تعمل بالليزر ؟ وما المزايا التي ستجلبها إليك ؟

The technique is generally askew her permanent to constant change, and have today’s users great usability to evaluate it. Which means that your electronic devices most modern that I bought today probably won’t last you for more than one year, as that technology used by these devices most often will change entirely during the two to three years on average. Is that the standards of conventional technology in the case, and perhaps also become shorter in the future.

Over the past few years I needed Television high resolution, which displays images in 4K processor with HDR and LED display screen full-range Full-Array, are the essence of the following in relation to the latest technology and the highest price in the market for television home. But that is about to change soon, or maybe change already.

Within a few weeks, applies the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 in the city of Las Vegas of America. The exhibition is the trade’s most prominent and influential in the industry of technical equipment of the user home. Will this year’s show all the wider for the new in the market of TV sets home appliances, which bear the name “TV Laser – Laser TV”.

What kind of technology is Laser TV?

For more precision, you should make it clear that those new devices are not exactly a TV, or at least not – as to form – devices and TV-traditional such as those adopted her. Like a TV laser in terms of shape and projector Projectors that we use today, but several important differences, notably that the display devices that can display an image with a large size measuring up to 100 inches from a very short distance does not exceed 5 centimeters.

I’ve always had projectors suitable for TV in the recent period, so what makes this new generation replaces television traditional?! Or in other words, Why did those devices called “TV” is real for the first time?

  • There is no need for any equipment or a specific space to operate the machine. Placed TVs laser on the nightstand flat adjacent to the wall and sieve it to a black screen very slim and this is all the user needs to at his house, and he can change the theme of TV at any time and without settings.
  • The devices الLaser new TV as Don’t use fluorescent light bulbs in the display picture, but it also seems clear from the name – the used laser, which is what makes norms a lot better than the traditional projectors. Last devices الLaser TV up to 20 – 30 thousand hours display without the need to change the lamp display, which offers 20 years of work at the rate of use of up to 4 hours a day on average.
  • Supports all the new devices that began to put by the end of last year, and those that we will see the beginning of the day, display technology HD 4K processing, HDR and other the highest standards of quality of the current image, making the image quality perfectly matched for high-quality supply of the current.

Follow my last question, what makes الـLaser TV outperform on a television current features in the subject of the article to represent the future of this market?

  • High flexibility: user can choose the size of the image of the opposition as he pleases, and supports most of the new devices today, measuring between 75-inch and even a 125 inch image displayed, and options are almost non-available currently in the display to the user home.
  • Smaller size: the space required for such systems is much lower than those needed by TV traditional, as it more easily in development.
  • High reliability: you need the majority of traditional displays current to the formulation of a mechanism to display the image of whatever after the number of operating hours is less than الLaser TV
  • System Smart TV integrated: all come with a TV laser is currently running smart TV Smart TV integrated supports voice commands, sound system and surround speakers, and wireless often.

For the price of those devices is currently ranging from 5 to 10 thousand US dollars, will price is the biggest obstacle to the spread of الـLaser TV currently, but go back to the life cycle of technology products, traditional which start at a high price and then quickly become dominant on the markets during a brief period.

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