What are third-party apps Third-Party Apps?

Third-Party Apps، تطبيقات الطرف الثالث

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What are third-party apps Third-Party Apps?

Third party application is an application created by a developer is not the manufacturer of the device on which the app or the owner of the website.

May be the acceptance of third-party applications or blocked by the ownership of the device or the website, for example the web browser application Safari to Safari that comes on the iPhone is your native application of the production of the Apple TV, but need the App Store to Apps another web browser approved by Apple for use on iPhone but not the development of its own such as Google Chrome, Opera and many other names.

These applications are external applications, and we find within the common types those that offer the same alternative for applications such as Facebook and also WhatsApp and provide you with the use of these services through apps developed by persons unrelated to them by the company that is providing the service.

Now already answered the basic question for this scheduled induction for this application, but we’ll make up more relevant questions which can help us to understand the third-party apps Third-Party Apps

Types of third-party applications Third-Party Apps

تطبيقات الطرف الثالث، Third-Party Apps

Third-party applications

There are many different applications that may involve urging a third-party apps Third-Party Apps .

Applications that have been created to follow the official apps from suppliers other than Google (Google Play Store) or Apple (Apple App Store) which follow the standards of development required by app stores these are third-party apps, the application is considered certified by the developer to a service like Facebook or Snapchat third-party app, if Facebook or Snapchat is developing the app is a native application and not a third party application.

Applications offered through application stores non-official or web sites that are created by parties not affiliated with the device or operating system are also third-party apps, all the apps available in these stores are third-party apps, be careful when downloading applications from any supplier, no particular app stores or informal web sites to avoid malware.

An application that call another service (or application) either to provide enhanced features or have access to profile information is third party application, an example of this is Quizzstar, a quiz application third-party requires the permission to access certain parts of your profile on Facebook, don’t download this kind of third-party apps, but it gets access to the information that needs to be sensitive through its connection to the service or other application.

How to choose native apps for third-party apps to?

When discussing third-party applications, you may see the term native applications, the latter are applications that are created and distributed by the device manufacturer or builder of programs, some examples of native applications for the iPhone is iTunes and iBooks.

What makes this app original is that the application by the company according to which device you are using, are often used to the source code.

For example, when you create an Apple application for your iPhone is called a native application for Android devices, because Google is the entity created for the Android operating system for mobile, the examples of native apps include the issuance of mobile devices to any Google applications, like Gmail and Google Drive, and Google Chrome.

Because the app is a native application for one type of hardware, this does not mean that there cannot be a version of this app is available for the types of other devices, for example, expect most of the Google apps version works on the iPhone and iPad that are offered through the Apple App Store, these third-party apps on iOS devices.

Why prohibit some of the services apps third party?

تطبيقات الطرف الثالث، Third-Party Apps

Third-Party Apps

Prohibit some applications or services use of third-party apps for security reasons, at any time up where the third-party application to your profile or other information from your account, it represents a security risk. Can use information relating to your account or your profile to penetrate your account or stolen.

Some applications that provide you to use WhatsApp like the extra benefits may pose a risk to your account and the updates and your activities especially if I have a developer bad intentions and already he develops third-party applications for the purposes of evil.

To illustrate this, the use of third-party applications is illegal, therefore if the terms of your use of the service or application provides to third-party applications is not allowed, try to use one to connect to that service and may lead to locking your account or deactivate it.

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