What became of modular smartphone Project Ara?

About modular smartphones first began to speak in 2013. The Creator of the idea was Dave Hakkens, who in 2012 was thought about in order to reduce the amount of harmful waste, the sources of which are components of smartphones. How to achieve this? We need to make sure that consumers replace smartphones as possible. That is why there was a project Where.

The smartphone was a skeleton to which you can attach on the idea of any module. It could be the screen, processor module, battery and so on. Cracked display? No problem, replace the module! Want higher resolution and greater productivity? Replace the screen modules and the processor. Very simple and really attractive idea.

In 2013 he launched the company with the aim to support the project, to be noticed by large players. Nearly 1 million users of Twitter and Facebook shared information about Where at the time. The project was extremely successful and it talked about the media. Later Dave noticed the guys from Motorola, which started to cooperate with him. The company at that time belonged to Google, so Google has introduced project Ara, which was based on Where.

Motorola together with Google, endorsed the project and began to put it into practice. About 3 years the developers of Motorola and Google worked on the project. In October 2014 was shown the first working prototype, and in may 2016, the smartphone looked very attractive and had the features of the finished product.

A few months in September 2016 almost at the final stage of development the project was closed. And just now Dave has shared the reason for such unpleasant events:

As it turned out, Google closed the project due to the fact that he decided to fully become a awarding of software developer. The company has focused on software, and therefore decided to abandon the Ara. Of course, it is difficult to judge, but it seems to me that such a step was a mistake, because the project was almost ready and had all the chances of success.

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