What Board games are good for the brain

With age all the organs and systems of our body, unfortunately, begin to function worse and worse. This natural process associated with aging mechanisms, however, in some cases quite easily correctable. Often the most strongly age “hits” on the Central nervous system in General and the functions of memory and learning in particular (called cognitive functions). However, many of the problems associated with the violation of cognitive functions with age can be avoided through Board games. And it confirms a fresh study by Scottish scientists.

How Board games affect your health?

As reported on the website of the University of Edinburgh, peoplewho play games, not only chess, but also, for example, cards, are more inclined to keep a sharp mind and memory even in old age. The study showed that those who regularly played Board games, better cope with tests for memory and thinking. Age of participants was 70 years.

Psychologists at the University of Edinburgh 9 years ago, has tested more than 1000 people aged 70 years on the subject of the ability to remember new information, make decisions, and also measured the speed of thought and General indicators of mental health. Participants then repeated the same cognitive tests every three years until the elderly age of 79 years. Group members also asked how often they played Board games — cards, chess, bingo or crossword puzzles. What Board games do you like? Write about it in our Telegram chat.

In addition, the team took into account the results of the test of intelligence, which the participants took when they were 11 years old. And takes into account such lifestyle factors such as education, socio-economic status and level of physical activity.

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It was discovered that the people who in old age were more likely to play Board games, had a smaller reduction in thinking skills, especially concerning memory functions and speed of response in decision making. The researchers say that the results obtained help to better understand which types of lifestyle and behavior may be associated with cognitive functions of our Central nervous system.

Latest data builds on evidence that more active lifestyles may be linked with the Central nervous system in old age. For those over 70, there is another important message. It lies in the fact that even simple Board games can be a prevention of age-related decline of brain functions and related diseases. the authors work.

Despite the fact that at the moment, the connection between Board games and prevention of age-related lesions of the Central nervous system seems obvious, scientists there is still a lot of work. For a start they need to test their hypothesis on a larger number of people from different social groups, and figure out which Board games are more “powerful” preventive means.

In addition, the plans of the Scottish scientists have a the development of recommendations and regulations by which to carry out prevention of age-related changes with the help of Board games. But this will only be possible if these arguments will find its confirmation in a large-scale study.

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