What came first: the chicken or the egg?

The chicken or the egg? This logical conundrum bothered the minds of eminent philosophers throughout human existence. On the one hand, for the appearance of a chicken you need an egg, and on the other hand, no chicken egg are simply not able to appear. So what they say about modern scientists? Let’s once and for all clear this question and tell your friends about it!

The paradox of chicken and egg tried to solve the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plutarch

What is the egg?

Egg is a fertilized egg, which can hatch, or a new chicken, or even a crocodile, if it will be any confusion in the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Fatal eggs”. Protein and shell eggs are a special protective and nourishing shell, which protects the future of the bird (or crocodile, for that matter) from bacteria, dangerous viruses, or just drying out. Itself the egg is in the center, the yolk.

In chicken egg yolk is the entire genetic information on the future of chicken

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What happened before: the chicken or the egg?

A long time ago on planet Earth lived only the simplest single-celled organisms. We know almost nothing about where they might dwell, what natural environment they come from and in General how they looked. Despite this sad fact, scientists believe that some genes of these creatures were very similar to the genes of modern organisms. In other words, single-celled organisms is our chicken ancestors were bearers of original eggs. Although such “eggs” doesn’t really sound like a chicken or crocodile, its function they performed to cheers. In other words, the first eggs could exist for a billion years before the appearance of chickens.

Something like this might look like the evolution of the chicken

Well, what happened then — and as we all know. Cells of organisms continued to evolve, turning their hosts into new creatures. The simplest turned into fish, which gradually grew legs and turned into amphibians. Amphibians evolved into reptiles, who have learned to lay eggs on land. After millions of years of evolution on a young planet came dinosaurswho later “grew” feathers and turned into birds. Although not all of them. Some of them have died after all.

In other words, the world’s first egg is older than a billion years, while the first chicken appeared on Earth only about 90 million years ago.

Well, it seems the world has one less unsolvable puzzle.

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