What causes stop and collapse your smartphone? Here’s the answer!

More problems smartphones common are the The and And maybe the collapse of the system, so what are the reasons that lead to it either on the Android or iPhone operating system iOS? And what hardware is most prone to and The to? This is what we set out to answer through this article according to a report published by the foundation Blancco competent in the processes of reform in the study included the first quarter of 2018.

ما الذي يسبب توقف و انهيار هاتفك الذكي؟ إليك الجواب!

What causes stop and collapse your smartphone? Here’s the answer!

Updates to Android very late on iOS

System updates are very important for his performance and his safety and security, the latest release of official Android is currently Android 8 Oreo is available only on a ratio of 1% to 2% of the phones operating system Android while the rest are running versions of Android older and special Android 7 Nougat and Android 6 Marshmallow and probably older versions, while the latest version of iOS is iOS 11 average 74% of the mobile devices of Apple (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

آبل الأفضل في توفير تحديثات النظام

Apple is better at providing system updates

For the rate of failure Failure Rate (the probability of occurrence of a problem can demand reform) amounted to 18.9% on Android devices, and 15.2% on the devices operating system iOS.

نسبة وقوع المشكلات في الأندرويد و iOS

The ratio of the occurrence of problems in Android and iOS

IPhone 6 .. The worst phones iPhone !

Believe phone the iPhone 6 a list of phones iPhone the most injury problems increased by 22% and this means that one phone iPhone 6 out of every five suffering from the problem of what to use and require repair, confirming the stigma that followed him as the worst version of the iPhone in the history of Apple, and is the dawn of the crisis deliberately Apple TV slow to solve the problems related to the performance and the battery and the phone stopped working.

آيفون 6 .. أسوأ هواتف الآيفون !

IPhone 6 .. The worst phones iPhone !

In second place came the iPhone 6S by the failure of 16%, while the rest of the menu was at a reasonable level is less than 10% and came phones iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus in the last list as less phones the iPhone is prone to problems, while the iPhone 8 on the list and that is a good thing.

Take advantage of that if you’re intent on buying the iPhone is new to you, get away from the phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and connect to the versions of the plasma or the newer versions of the iPhone.

Samsung, the worst company I Android!

For Android, it was Samsung on top of the list as more and more companies that become its organs and the problems increased by 27.4% after came to Shawnee in second place at 14.2%, and then Motorola, it’s equal, and LG and Lenovo and oneplus, respectively.

سامسونج .. أسوأ شركات الأندرويد!

Samsung, the worst company I Android!

The most common problems on iOS and Android!

What’s more the problems of users phones iPhone and devices iPad? There are problems five common are: Bluetooth, WiFi, earphones, data, phone, and headphones calls, respectively.

As for the system, landed, the the problems the most common problems are related to performance, camera, and microphone, and charging the battery, headphones, external arrangement as well.

أكثر المشاكل شيوعاً على نظامي iOS و الأندرويد!

The most common problems on iOS and Android!

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