What chips iPhone 11 Pro has already been in Android smartphones

Despite the fact that Apple is considered to be the main innovator of the market of mobile devices, almost all the key technologies that have been used in smartphones before, and used today, first appeared at the competition. Dual core and then Quad-core processors, HD screens, unlocking face, and rapid charging — all of these technologies have been available on Android for a few years before Cupertino decided on their development. Therefore, every innovation that appears in the iPhone, Android users consistently gave only one reaction: “what they have, and this was not there before?”. In the yard 2К19 and things are there.

There is opinion that iPhone 11 Pro is outdated even before release. But is it?

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Triple camera

Why you need a triple camera

While manufacturers of Android smartphones have already mastered chetyrehstennoy camera, Apple has just reached a three-module. For the first time such a decision a year and a half ago, used in the flagship Huawei Huawei P20 Pro. The unit received three Leica lens production, one of which provided the possibility of taking photos with an ultrawide viewing angle.

Night mode

How does the night mode in iPhone 11 Pro

This year, Apple did what it was asked a long time ago, the company added in the firmware of the new iPhone’s night shooting mode. Despite the fact that it is activated automatically, he knows how to light up a scene shot in low-light conditions, as well as almost a year makes Google Pixel. Moreover, it is necessary to tell, makes it so great that it creates an overall impression that the photo was taken on a camera with a huge matrix, exciting, high light, although it is not entirely fair work software algorithms. And as this state of Affairs have iPhone, are still unclear.

6 GB of RAM

How much RAM in iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has long tried to prove to everyone that iOS is a super-lightweight operating system that no matter how much RAM you have a smartphone, which it provides. However, from year to year in Cupertino has continued to increase the amount of RAM, until I came to the realization that far behind modern flagships on Android. As a result, when Samsung and OnePlus mastered the 12-Gigabyte modules of RAM, Apple has decided to equip their devices at least six — in Android flagships of last year.

Powerful power supply

Powerful power pack for iPhone 11 Pro

It’s hard to believe, but Apple has admitted that charge flagship smartphone, the 5-watt power supply — not comme Il faut, and therefore took it and put it in their supplied adapter with a power of 18 watts. This news inspired millions of iPhone users worldwide, that’s just an Android smartphone is delivered with such chargers, which also use cables with connectors USB-C on both sides.

Wi-Fi 6

What can Wi-Fi 6

Despite the fact that this technology is quite new, the Apple and then managed to give Samsung, which is equipped with Wi-Fi enabled 6 their Galaxy S10, released this spring. This standard allows to achieve a high data transfer ratereaches 2 Gbps, which is pretty close to the speeds of 5G networks, as well as to minimize outages due to the use of several frequencies in the range of 1-7 GHz, and not looping only at frequencies of 2.4 or 5 GHz.

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