What choose readers AndroidInsider.ru: pure Android or Android with a shell

Despite the fact that millions of users of Android regularly engage in skirmishes with iOS and prove to them that the operating system Google was the best thing that has happened with smartphones, it is not so. Not that I tried to argue with the fans of “green robot” — far from it — just mostly all they talk about different Android. Some praise the stock version of OSes that didn’t know third-party intervention, someone involves a third-party shell and launchers, and someone is referring to custom ROM built based on Android. But what is better Android or changed by shells — we now find out.

Which is better: clean or customized Android?

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To determine what is still better – stock Android or one that embellished third-party shells, we turned to our readers. In the end, who better to answer this question. Therefore, we conducted a survey in our Telegram chat, and now ready to share the results with you, especially since it turned out they are quite interesting and revealing.

Shell is better than pure Android

Customized for Android are quite a lot of users

For Android shell expressed 42% of respondents. It turns out that almost half of the users can not stand the stock version of the operating system, and they can understand. The fact that the shell is usually more functionality than pure Android. Manufacturers to attract an audience, to maximize the range of their opportunities, adding the necessary and unnecessary features. That is why, by the way, the skins have long been instruments of creation scrolls screenshots, screen recordings and phone calls, whereas in stock Android there’s none of that so far.

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Shell – regardless of who is its author and will have more features than stock Android. This rule, which does not vary depending on the manufacturer. It can be One UI from Samsung, Magic Honor from the UI or MIUI from Xiaomi, but they will be more functional than a clean OS, even if they differ from each other. So I always prefer shell than pure Android, even if I offer it along with the Google Pixel. It’s like voluntarily give up part of the capabilities that you’re used to, explained one of the respondents.

The benefits of pure Android

I wonder what those who voted for pure Android, was even more – as much as 48%. This is an unusually high figure, given that most smartphones on the market running those or other shells. Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Pocophone – each of these brands has its own shell, which, though based on Android, but from the point of view of external design and functionality is very different from the clean version of the operating system. However, to understand those who prefer stock Android, too.

But stock Android like a far greater number of users

Here are the main benefits pure Android:

  • Works correctly even with 4GB of RAM;
  • Regularly receives security updates;
  • Built-in mechanisms do not conflict with the third party;
  • Not unload the application from the background;
  • As a rule, is faster than the shell.

“U pure Android is objectively less of a problem. Shell constantly suffer from certain bugs and faults that the manufacturers have to fix it, they don’t work with the standard Android functions, unloading the application from the multitasking menu, not to mention that corny slower to get updates. There are exceptions like the OnePlus, but the rule is that the vast majority of the smartphones with skins updated with a big delay and corny harder, requiring more resources,” said the supporter of the stock Android.

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What to choose – Android or bit, is for you to decide. Each incarnation has its advantages and disadvantages, but, considering that the stock OSes are even those who use mobile shell, it is possible to understand that a large accumulation of functions is not always better lightness and stability, which gives pure Android.

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