What coin is the most popular among scammers? The Answer Is “Kaspersky Lab”

In March, the analysts “Kaspersky Lab” estimate that last year the number of virus attacks to a hidden mining has increased by half. If in 2016 year, there were 1.9 million such crimes in 2017 and 2.7 million.

Now the experts said that the Ethereum — the most popular coin among fraudsters. The reason for this choice was the fact that ETH is on the sidelines, and all the attention of the community and law enforcement officers chained to Bitcoin. This writes Cointelegraph.

How to protect your money from crypto scammers

According to analysts, Ethereum provides cyber criminals a huge opportunity for fraud, and the blockchain coins “is ideal for hackers and cyber criminals”.

Now Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency for fraud, and the demand for coins in the underworld grows as ICO attracts more and more money. According to more than a thousand purses of criminals, in the second quarter of 2018 cyber criminals just for the ICO have earned 2 329 317 dollars. These data do not include earnings from phishing and spam.

The most popular scheme in fraud — distribution of coins on behalf of well-known figures of the crypto community in social networks, analysts say.

To increase the trust of users, cybercriminals place the purse on the website, which published a list allegedly of the transaction, in which users received an amount of several times more embedded. Despite the apparent simplicity of this scheme, the cybercriminals get her millions of dollars.

In “Kaspersky Lab” to ask investors to be careful when investing in ICO and warn against sending money in social networks. We insist on this in the best cryptodata of the country.

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