What could be the Apple Music service

Recently, the Network appeared the new concept of the music streaming service Apple Music. This time the designer of the project was made by Alvaro Babesia. In his opinion, streaming music service from Apple to get the updated design and several exciting new features.

First and foremost, Alvaro updated the “Library” tab and arrange the list horizontally scrollable. This made the management even more convenient, because the list is now limited to a few options. In addition, there is the option to view recently added music.

Tab “For you” was removed. Instead, the user is asked the category of “trending” and the new curatorial playlists from Apple Music.

In order for the service to better meet the musical preferences, added an option where you can choose your mood. Depending on the specified parameters, it will create a new playlist with specially selected music.

The designer worked on a social component, adding a new tab. For example, you can see the profiles of other users and to examine detailed statistics. The service will show the overlap in musical preferences, if any.

Of course, the user will have full access to their statistics: the total number of auditions, the number of added songs and artists most listened albums and songs. Users can customize the privacy of their profile to other users, and if necessary, hide the items.

In addition, there is the possibility to create group playlists. Inviting friends to the created play list, each of them will be able to make changes to it. This is a useful feature, because now Apple only allows Music to share playlists.

As for other changes, it is expected that the service will be responsive web version, news and press releases from artists coming out, new intuitive gestures.

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