What cryptocurrencies brought the most money in the first quarter of 2020?

Analysts of the research Department of the largest crypto currency exchange Binance did not a pleasant statement for fans of Bitcoin. According to their calculations, the first cryptocurrency showed the worst results in terms of profitability in the first quarter of 2020. However, there is positive news. Despite the difficult situation worldwide due to the global quarantine measures, some altcoins still have brought their investors a profit over the past three months. And not weak.

How to buy bitcoin in 2020

In mid-February, the price of Bitcoin has reached the annual maximum at $ 10,500. After nearly a month of BTC has fallen down to $ 4,000. That is, for a short period, the cryptocurrency fell by 62 per cent from the previous record set. However, now everything is better. For example, BTC weekend started at 6761 dollar. And at the end of the week cryptocurrency at all some times crossed the line 7 thousand dollars.

Биткоин падение цена график

The March drop in Bitcoin on the chart

This fall has made Bitcoin the worst investment over the past three months in the top ten largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. On average, the coin sank slightly more than 10 percent. Experts have published a chart with the profitability of top 10 ranking.

Диаграмма рост крипта

The magnitude of the growth/decline largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization (with the exception tablconv)

In the past months 2020 cryptocurrency investors just earned more Bitcoin SV, UNUS SED LEO, Chainlink and Tezos. These coins have grown an average of 70, 29, 28.6 and 20%, respectively. The reason for their growth most likely was a happy confluence of positive news: important updates, projects, launches and upgrades-networking and so on.

To grow amid falling Bitcoin other cryptocurrencies usually do not know how. Most often they follow the first coin.

It is hoped that next quarter the market will be better. According to the analytical Agency, only the second quarter of 2018 over the last six years memorable in the industry fall in the price of Bitcoin at 8.17 percent. Other times everything was much better. In the second quarter of last year, the cryptocurrency, and is jumped by 161 percent.

However, the record over the last six years remains the fourth quarter of 2017. During this period, the course of bitcoin has increased by 226 percent — and this with the fall in the value in the last days of December.

Биткоин таблица данные

Table of decline/growth of Bitcoin prices for each quarter starting in 2014

In General, the results of the first quarter of 2020 for Bitcoin aren't so scary, still sagging 10 percent away from the highs drop. And in General, the current rate is still higher than a year ago by 36 percent. And another point: for the same period the S&P500 index sank much more noticeable. And that's a plus for cryptocurrency.

History may repeat itself, but in the coming months the world economy and the stock market in particular are waiting for big tests “of the strength of a” global quarantine. What do you think will grow the Bitcoin in the near future? Share your opinion on this matter in our cryptodata.


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