What cryptocurrencies should buy before ballroom? Tips trader

Don’t know what to buy to get big x’s on bullrun? Listen to the advice of well-known personalities in cryptocommunist. Blindly believe every “expert” is not necessary, however, they often publish interesting projects you can perform yourself. Today trader GalaxyBTC announced its own list of the best violas, which in his opinion need to stock up before ballroom.

What cryptocurrency should I buy?

GalaxyBTC making a major bet on Ethereum. A good choice, given the fact that this is his second portfolio. In any case, for investment best a large part of the portfolio to leave under the most stable asset in this case Bitcoin.

At the moment the Ethereum is trading at 251 USD. Over the past 30 days, the cryptocurrency has grown by almost 51 percent. However, from the historical high of 1448 dollars is still very far away, so altcon you can buy for the long term.

Four coins: BNB, HOT, WAVES and ZIL. Judging by the constant updates to the annual maximum, Binance Coin is one of the most promising assets in 2019. Recall, even the recent hacking of the exchange Binance has had almost no impact on the course of bitcoin.

HOLO is also pleased with the good growth of, and even coin over the past year generated roughly 64 percent of the profits to their investors. At the moment, HOT is trading at 0.001 per dollar during the last day the price of the cryptocurrency fell by almost 2 percent.

Finally, most of the x’s can bring Zenon. This cryptocurrency with a very low capitalization, which only recently started trading on the stock exchange CryptoBridge. Investment is not the most reliable, so select it under the minimum percent of the amount of their capital. Please remember that all investments should be done after own research.

Even more interesting projects for analysis in cryptodata of hontarov. We will remind, dig coin is best for mining-pool 2Miners.


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