What data Apple collects from your devices

The recent scandal involving the leak of user data the social network Facebook, has forced many companies not only greater responsibility to follow the confidential information, but also at the user’s request to provide information about what data will be collected in one or the other company. Apple is no exception, and this took the reader edition ZDNet.

He was sent to Cupertino with the request to tell, what information is collected by Apple with its devices (iPhone and use it since 2010). About a week later the company replied via email and attached to the email archive with dozens of Excel files, the total size was about 5 MB. It’s almost like one photo for iPhone X.

The archive contained several tables, where they were provided with all the information Apple collects about the user. Interestingly, photographs, text, correspondence and e-mail is not there. The company knows which calls (and when) you have made, the basic information about contacts, information about music from iTunes. Basically, all data is shown in the form of logs — that is, Apple know who and when you communicate, but do not have access to the content of the conversation (even in the case of iMessage and FaceTime).

Other companies are also obliged to provide relevant information at the user’s request. They, too, send files, ranging from a couple megabytes up to several gigabytes.

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