What determines the color of bird eggs?

According to the International ornithologists ‘ Union, by March 2019, scientists know more than 10 738 species of birds. They live in almost every point of our planet, and even within the hot Sahara desert and the cold expanses of Antarctica. Of course, due to different conditions of habitat, birds have different individual characteristics ā€” for example, lay eggs of different colors. Still among the scholars went several assumptions about the precise reasons for different colors of bird eggs, but the results published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution research gave the most accurate explanation.

Color of bird eggs depending on ambient temperature

Delayed bird eggs come in different colors, some of them covered with spots. Earlier ornithologists who study bird life, thought that, thanks to different color and texture of bird eggs are naturally camouflaged from predators. It’s also been suggested that in some regions, birds lay extremely dark eggs as they are exposed to sunlight acquire antimicrobial properties. In both theories there is some truth to that, but a new study has proved that the color of bird eggs is directly dependent on air temperature in the habitat of the birds.

Why are bird eggs painted in different colors?

In this, at least, believe researchers from private University of the city of Brookeville, located in the U.S. state of new York. Using the Museum’s collection, they carefully examined evidence for the eggs of 634 species of birds and find out where in the world live representatives of each of them. It turned out that the brightness and the color of the eggshell is closely related to those in which the temperature environment is inhabited by feathered creatures. Briefly the verdict of scientists is that the colder the climate, the darker the eggs.

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According to biologist Daniel Hanley, in the far North, birds ‘ eggs, mostly brown colored. Birds living closer to the equator, lay a lighter egg, but in the tropics, bird eggs have a more diverse hue. Clearly the dependence of the color of the eggs from the place of residence of animals you can see in the picture below. Please note that the hot African birds lay eggs extremely bright, and the inhabitants of cold areas ā€” dark.

And tropical countries birds lay light eggs, into the cold dark

Researchers believe that this trend clearly shows how birds adapt to the surrounding conditions. Eggs with a dark shell, like the black car, well heated in the sun, allowing the adult birds to go hunting for a longer time. Dark shade attracts the sun’s rays and does not allow the eggs to cool down quickly, so that the life of the future Chicks are not exposed to a big threat.

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Shell light shade, in turn, prevents the eggs needless to overheat in the sun. You only remember how to look like eggs, leave living in the hot African ostriches ā€” they are painted white which does not give future Chicks to die from heat, not even having time to hatch.

It looks like an ostrich egg

With all this, a different color of the shell is necessary not only for thermoregulation. Sure, they also need to camouflage the eggs of river gulls, for example, are painted in a brownish color with dark spots. This coloration makes them almost invisible in the nest for humans and predatory animals.

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