What do Apple Music and 5G?

4 December was a very important event for Apple. At theatre of a name of Steve jobs as promised, was awarded Apple Music, concert and celebration of award recipients. This was no ordinary musical-promotional event Apple, all serious and unusual, but we will discuss a different event, held the day before, in Hawaii. No one expected that it will be so important for Apple. We (people) are very different. For someone awarding, celebration and concert in the Park the Apple is not just more interesting than ordinary marketing event multinational companies from San Diego, CA (on the border with the United Mexican States). About what happened in theatre of a name of Steve jobs early next year, Apple promises a real documentary, to see who will be on the Apple TV+. For some time it will be available only there.

But Apple Music and 5G are made for each other

About the Qualcomm event, hardly anyone will come to mind to create a full motion picture, applying for a success with the audience. It will take quite some time and this event will be interesting to researchers of the history of modern technology, and the first real documentary film from Apple and the first ever awards ceremony Apple Music – netlenka. Unless, of course, turning off the Russian market from “Apple” of the ecosystem will not cause Apple damage incompatible with life.

Hawaii, Qualcomm and Apple 5G

The main theme of the summit in Hawaii was the presentation of systems-on-chip Snapdragon 765 and 865 designed for Samsung Galaxy S11 and LG G9, that is, competitors to system-on-a-chip from Apple, which will be used in the competitors “Apple” smartphones. And all these competitors do not have the “one more competitors” is almost the most dangerous for Apple entity in our universe. One of the most important features of a new generation of enemies “fruit of Empire” – support of cellular networks 5G. In 2021 5G becomes a reality. Fantasy on themes 5G and experiments in the past. Now it’s vital and absolutely necessary, the manufacturers of electronic equipment will not have time to 2020 to get started with 5G in 2021 will be very bad. Inside Snapdragon 765 (and Snapdragon 765G, it’s a “gaming” option), on-chip system-on-chip, is 5G modem. System-on-chip is almost ready to work in networks of the fifth generation, from the developers of devices using Snapdragon 765/765G it takes minimal effort to the hull of their products can be applied coveted the abbreviation “5G”. And with more expensive and prestigious system-on-chip Snapdragon processor 865 is not so simple.

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On the Snapdragon chip 865 5G-modem – no. In Snapdragon 765/765G modem easier, ready to eat. To place on the housing of the mobile device cherished alphanumeric combination of “5G”, from its developers will require some effort, but not too serious. What and how should be done in detail in the technical documentation. By the way, “simple and weak” 5G modem on a chip – one of the first modems in the world that supports all frequency bands 5G. Ranges two, one of them is “up to 6 GHz” – it is easy to maintain and work with it all. The second – “mmWave”, translated it’s “millimeter wave” is the most attractive in the 5G, and the most difficult modems support the second range is very small. A commercially available, only two of the modem. Both from Qualcomm. The first was Snapdragon X55, 5G external modem, in a sense, a classic of the genre, the “tough” and uncompromising. The second modem on the Snapdragon chip 765/765G. Until now it was believed that the location of the support 5G mmWave on-chip impossible. The level of technology does not allow.

Snapdragon 865

To Snapdragon 865, to turn it into SoC with support for 5G, need to connect the classic and standard s. the developers of the devices using these chips will have a hard time – but the result of their efforts should get impressive. In this place Christian Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, made a small pause, and SIP sipping an unknown clear liquid from a plastic bottle, all of a sudden has mentioned Apple. Then he did it again. In fact, due to the fact that he said this I about this event and writing. In systems-on-chip from Apple (Apple Apple A14 and A14X?) 5G modems from Qualcomm, too, will not be placed on the chip. The iPhone and the iPad Pro with support for 5G will be used Snapdragon X55. This is no problem and is not expected. But the special requirement from Apple, Qualcomm will have to overcome serious obstacles, time is nothing (18 months before the release of the first of such devices in the light, according to forecasters and analysts) – but Qualcomm can handle it. At any cost.

The early release of the iPhone 5G for Qualcomm – task with priority number one. I’m not making this up: it said Christiano Amon, the head of Qualcomm.


In fact, until April of this year between Apple and Qualcomm were the real war, there appeared no chance of their reconciliation. Lawyers on both sides diligently practiced their considerable salaries and fees, and another beneficiary of the conflict, Intel Corporation, has successfully developed its 5G modem, the best in the world, the Intel XMM 8160. As in all previous cases, the attempt of Intel to enter the mobile device market has led to huge losses – no matter what – and the beginning of 2019 Intel raised the white flag. The modem is designed mostly for Apple. In April, Apple and Qualcomm agreed that in 2020 the new iPhone should support 5G. Cheap models will work in the range of “up to 6 GHz”, expensive – in both bands. the iPhone is a huge circulation, if all goes well Qualcomm is working on this huge money. In addition to supporting 5G, Qualcomm also works on the fingerprint scanner for the iPhone, a completely unique design. And they are not going to stop


And the obstacle to integration in the 5G iPhone is the antenna and other elements for 5G communications. The currently existing implementation of the infrastructure for the iPhone “too big”. iPhone is “affordable luxury segment of the market”, the design has a very important, perhaps decisive, importance. If work on Snapdragon X55 and adapting its external communication the Arsenal of the iPhone have started sooner if it were not for the war – all these obstacles would have been eliminated. Now it’s just a year and a half (and taking into account time for testing and debugging, and even less), and judging by the fact that in the course have gone vows and promises, somehow disturbing. Suddenly I can not, will not be able to, again, start fighting?

By the way, a few days ago , the deal between Apple and Intel about purchasing the first second divisions on the development of a mobile modem, with all his staff, with patents and all the developments and ideas were formally adopted and entered into force. Apple is a cost of $ 1 billion, 5G modems from Apple and all the peripherals for them will be released in the 2022-23 year.

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