What do we expect from macOS 10.14

It is expected that Apple will introduce a new iteration of desktop operating system macOS, June 4 at the conference of developers WWDC. Despite the fact that the wait is very long, the Network is still little information with regards to macOS 10.14. Anyway, we can speculate that I would like to see in the upcoming release.

Continuity of design for the Mac and iOS – many users would like to see a unified design for both platforms. In any case, with the advent of universal apps it will just need to be done. There are preconditions that the company did undertake a revision of the design is already in macOS and iOS 10.14 12 and I will bring them to a common denominator.

Universal app – in the Network there were a lot of rumors about the possible emergence of cross-platform applications for Mac computers. Expect this feature this year is not worth it, due to some difficulties in implementation. Based on the leaks, only macOS 10.15 will have the ability to run iOS apps.

Control HomeKit – for some reason the interaction with the smart home is still limited to the Mac platform. Maybe in macOS 10.14, the company will add a new app “Home”, similar to that now present on iOS devices.

Improvements to split screen (Split-Screen) – do you think users, a new version of the desktop operating system from Apple should borrow some features of the split screen in iOS. For example, the owners of tablets can change the proportions of active applications, which is clearly not enough macOS.

Improvements for the Apple File System – it is expected that owners of Macs with Fusion Drive will finally be able to move to a new file system APFS. Among other requests – ability to install updates in the background.

Group video calls FaceTime is rumored that Apple is working on a similar opportunity, but there is still no certainty on the possible timing of implementation.

What you expect from the new macOS? Let me know in the comments.

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