What do we expect from OnePlus 7

OnePlus 6 was presented in may of 2018, so we can assume that OnePlus 7 will be introduced around the same time. If the differences between the 6 and 6T do not seem quite serious, OnePlus 7 may set the new bar for line, like it was with the release of the OnePlus 6. Still, many believe the six best smartphone OnePlus. Cut out 1+6 seems more attractive in comparison with the drop in 6T, while it is certainly a matter of taste.


The company needs to increase the recognition rate of the fingerprint scanner below the display, it would also be nice if OnePlus 7 used scanner a new generation with a wide coverage area.


Why would the company finally defend your flagship from moisture and dust according to IP68 standard, or at least IP67. OnePlus releases a flagship valued at $ 500, it’s not so low price that we could not require the company to protection. From Poco F1 for $ 300 do not require it, but OnePlus is already a little different level of quality.


Let’s be honest, the camera of the OnePlus 6T — not the best on the market. The Chinese get serious about this issue. If OnePlus will be able to approach the quality of the camera to Google and Apple, the company’s new flagship definitely has become one of the most sold in 2019.


It is no secret that OnePlus is owned by the company Oppo. Before the release of the new flagship OnePlus Oppo launches flagship R-series, and at this moment it becomes clear what will be the new flagship OnePlus, as the company is only marginally modifies the design of the smartphone. We need more originality and unique design. Unless consumers want to buy a smartphone, which is the international version of the Chinese unit Oppo?


Every six months the OnePlus 20-50 dollars increases the price of their flagships. If the first OnePlus was $ 300, 6T is worth almost 2 times more expensive, and it only gets worse.

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