What do we expect to see in the Apple conference tutorial??

Yesterday evening Apple sent invitations to attend the conference not be held on the 27th of the month after 10 days. The conference will be held at the headquarters of Apple, as usual, but in an educational institution in Chicago, USA. In this article we are trying together to guess what can be attached. Apple at the Conference for students.

ماذا نتوقع أن نرى في مؤتمر أبل التعليمي؟

Gear especially for students

According to a lot of news and rumors, Apple is working to submit a copy with economical price from their devices:

IPad: last year Apple made a copy of the Economic of the iPad came at the price of$ 329 which is half the price of the Pro version the top and aimed at the category you want to get the iPad for simple purposes such as education. And now the rumors come true that Apple will be the second generation of this iPad will come with specs a little better, but with the reduction of accommodation in price of up to 259$ so that it becomes more convenient for the largest sector of the private users that rival most tablets in price even more Android device the best-selling “Amazon fire” which starts its price of $ 170 for the 10 inch. Device Apple tablet if released is expected to challenge Apple in a simple device such as the improvement of the Processor to the A10 and not women is a a10x and Apple’s own memory of 2 GB and the same storage capacity of 32 GB and 128 GB and will not be added advantages to the company as a True Tone so as to reduce the cost as well as expected to improve Apple’s little camera as they are important in the communication between the students.

Computer Mac: beginning Mac devices priced at$ 999 for the Air screen, 13-inch, but since months there is news that Apple will offer a new generation of Mac devices The size of a 12 inch also priced at 799-899 dollars. New devices to class students are supposed to replace the Air current with the slim at the same time offer the advantages of strong the only point agreed in all the reports that the device will comes with a 2560*1600 pixels of any quality “Retina display” which is the same quality provided by Apple in version MacBook Pro with the Touch Strip and the price of 1299$. The screen is a focal point important in the use of student devices.

IPhone SE: also rumors reached the iPhone it is said that Apple will offer a new generation of phone by the smaller SE is the phone economic months. Personally, it’s hard to imagine that Apple issued iPhone and iPad and Mac in one conference, but maybe Apple offers this phone and it class students.

The new stylus: although the stylus Apple developer for professional photographers and this explains its price prohibitive, but the motto of the conference looks like drawn by pencil Apple does hint at Apple’s reduction in the price of the pen or to provide a new generation of them or even a version lower price? Sense to learn Apple about the new stylus with the iPad Pro, but maybe for a different opinion.

Charger AirPower: we talked a few days ago that Apple will announce the launch of the shipper, the end of the month; Apple conference held on the 27th day in the month.

Cover charge the headset: Apple reported last year to hear their AirPods can cargo box by wireless. But not the current of course so I’m supposed to know Apple with charger wireless announced the launch of

The advantages in iOS

Fancy and hard to allocate the Apple part of the Conference to announce iOS 11.3, but is not intended to talk about the battery but about the feature ClassKit provided by Apple in this update. The feature enables teachers to better communicate with devices of students beginning to send questions and sync some content and restrict specific screen “is useful in the exam” and many other features to manage the classroom intelligently.

What about the education itself?

All sites and the two aliens I saw them talking about the previous devices mentioned improvements, but what about the education itself? Conference tutorial and Apple chose to make in Chicago that have adopted laws to make the terms of the disposal of students material in Computer Science. Apple already offer a great cooperation with universities in the area of teaching programming. Will Apple reveal new things in this area, more cooperation with universities or will the launch of new devices like just conference hardware at discounted price?

Tell us your opinion and expectations regarding the next Apple. Any of the devices discounted price you see wish to reveal to Apple about?

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