What do you need an iPhone in 2019?

Waiting for the lovers of Apple iPhone 2019 new this year with great skepticism, where the test because it may come to a point the quality of the offer to consumers of the technologies featured, these are the most important features that many are hoping to see.

Minimize notes with support for fingerprint reader network

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Related image

There are still a lot of people who see that the sheet is not desirable at all, and that’s Why see a lot of users need to remove it or minimize it sacrifice possible, add a desire to get support for Touch ID to the inside of the screen, where a lot of people prefer the fingerprint on the face in relation to securing their phones.

Support USB-C

Hope a lot of fans of the iPhone to move the company into a USB-C port instead of the Lightning is currently, where it is available in an expanded more allowing Than additional features.

IPhone cheaper

Image result for iphone xs max video

Image result for iphone xs max video

Have iPhone excellent quality, but nonetheless, notice a lot of people that its phones are starting to become the same at higher prices more and more over the past years, although the iTouch Xr has solved that problem in part, however, this is not enough and watching a lot of consumers launched the company for real economic able to rival Android phones categories.

Cameras intelligently artificial

I started many companies such as Google and Huawei recently exploiting the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the cameras to get impressive results already in the audio and video, and that’s why hope fans of Apple to climb the same path to improve the performance of its cameras even more than now.

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