What do you think about Bitcoin foreign football fans in Russia?

Since France’s victory for the 2018 world Cup it’s been a few days. Moscow gradually comes to life after the festivities of the fans and returns to normal life. While on the streets still go foreigners, the correspondent of RBC Mikhail Atkin decided to ask their opinion about the cryptocurrency.

Football against Bitcoin

Surprisingly, the English word “cryptocurrency” many fans have reacted with suspicion. This fact is explained first by the Egyptians. He complained that he has several times lied to savvy locals and unscrupulous taxi drivers.

Later a foreigner came in contact, making sure that interviews it takes is really a journalist. The Egyptians were a fan of Ripple and Ethereum. He believes in these coins even more than Bitcoin.

I never bought tokens or coins. I’m not interested to use them, another thing is to observe the industry from the outside. I think that digital money is cool, this is the future, but right now in this area there are too many scams.

On the way to red square Tyetkino met a Frenchman. He also with little enthusiasm, told the publication the bitter experience of the novice trader.

I bought Bitcoin last year and sold only in December, really a lot of this turned out to earn. Would show the transaction history, but the phone is dead. On courage, I decided that now my investments will bring in huge profits and all the money bought a Ripple, which was then worth more than $3. You know, as now is the token, right?

On the question of the practical use of Bitcoin French fans reacted negatively. In his opinion, the crypt is for use only by hackers and criminals.

After some time her aunt’s managed to meet three fans from Japan. It would seem that their country is the most advanced in terms of digital assets. The Japanese themselves refused to talk about Bitcoin and quickly retreated. Probably they too had a bad experience trading.

But the Mexicans had not heard about cryptocurrency. Despite the unfolding economic crisis in one of the countries of South America, none of them really knew about Bitcoin.

Finally, the journalist met probably the most knowledgeable football fan from Spain.

Yes, I use digital currencies in Spain. Happens to buy products over the Ripple. I did not bring coins to Russia because I could not imagine that here they can be spent. Yes, and I went to the football so did not think about such things.

Another French fan has no clue how to use crypt in real life. He clearly gave to understand that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with “a favorite tool of swindlers.”

No one uses digital money in ordinary life, only criminals. I heard that using Bitcoin to launder funds received from trading in drugs, for example. I don’t think this is something good.

From the research of Michael Tetkina you can make an interesting conclusion — European fans are better informed about news in the field of technology. But fans who arrived from South America have never heard about Bitcoin. Out loud news about the use of the crypt on the continent may not be entirely accurate.

It turns out, cryptocommunist clearly overstates the number of people who use cryptocurrency. The proliferation of digital assets in the world has not yet reached the point where they could be called commonplace. Perhaps now is the time to buy yourself some Bitcoin, because a new wave of popularity, will raise the price of the coin up to the heavens.


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