What does a dog, when she screaming?

Dogs along with catsare among the most popular Pets in the world. They are loved by almost all, however, when the fun creating spoil furniture or standing on the threshold of the shoes, the owners shout at them and punish. According to Portuguese scientists to hurt their Pets is absolutely impossible, because they instantly raises stress, which negatively affects their health. To prove this, they conducted an experiment the results of which were published in the archives of scientific documents bioRxiv.

Dogs are able long to hold a grudge

In the study, researchers studied in detail how the health of dogs is affected by negative and positive attitude on the part of the owners. The author of scientific work became a biologist named Ana Catarina Vieira de Castro. She and her colleagues were involved in the experiment 42 dogs from three special schools where they are trained by rewarding for success. Also in the scientific work involved 50 dogs from four schools where they are trained “using the carrot”, that is punished for failures.

Does the dog stress?

At the beginning of the study, researchers took saliva samples from not participating in the experiment, pet dogs who spend days just relaxing and minding my own business. Thanks to their saliva, the researchers found out what level of stress hormone cortisol contains in the body of Pets without any stress.

Dogs too can experience stress

The researchers then took up the study of trained dogs. After 15 minutes of exercise in both groups of dogs were taken saliva samples. It turned out that the train “carrots” individuals had a much greater level of stressthan dogs that received the award for their success. This, at least, showed an increased level of cortisol is higher in stressful situations. The scientists also noticed that when they are abused, dogs often yawn and licked his lips, and this is a clear indicator of stress behavior.

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Why not blame the dogs?

After a month from the first day of the experiment, scientists decided to find out how experienced the stress affected the dog’s behavior in the future. These same individuals had participated in another experiment where they had to look for a bowl of delicious food. Initially, the dogs explained that the dishes with the food is one side of the room and an empty bowl nestled in another corner. The researchers then placed the bowl in the other locations and started to follow the enthusiasm with which dogs will be looking for a treat.

Dogs often need to remind that they are “good boys”

It turned out that experienced stress animals hoping to find a delicious meal for much less than healthy individuals. We can say that the first group of dogs became more pessimistic and therefore unhappy. So if you want your pet always was in a good mood and happy — try to relate to his antics calmer. After all, we are all responsible for those who tamed and we know that Pets can make us “surprises” in the form of damaged furniture.

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If you want to know more interesting information about dogs, highly recommend to watch documentary “BBC: Secrets dogs,” 2010. The most interesting point in this film is the comparison of the intelligence of the dog with the mental abilities of a small child. The results of the study, without any exaggeration, amazing.

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