What does the acquisition of IBM to Red Hat to?

ماذا يعني استحواذ IBM على Red Hat؟

IBM announced its acquisition of software company open-source the famous Red Hat vs a huge deal, estimated at around USD 34 billion and threaten IBM, thanks to that the page expansion and control of free cloud storage to become the largest provider in this area.

And company Red Hat itself as a leading company in the field of providing open source software in addition to being classified as one of the largest companies in the field of providing servers that are running Linux, in 2012, last ranked the company as the first company to open source software beyond its revenue barrier of one billion USD, and is now part of the Department of cloud storage mixed with IBM.

Is intended to the cloud hybrid “Hybrid Cloud division” is a combination of cloud storage has a part available to all Public and part of the action team or enterprise community and the last private owner of storage space Private.

According to IBM after the acquisition it will be able many companies now check the system storage and my old own and move to a system of private cloud storage network in addition to providing new possibilities for the company to provide new offers to the best of their services for cloud storage.

The company is IBM one of the most prestigious manufacturing companies are thedialogue of personal experiences in the world and is now a multinational company with its headquarters state of New York the company has experienced a significant change in their directions since 1990 and to provide other services such as the services of online servers but it is experiencing in the recent period of significant decline in the rate of profit the company aims to restore the lead again in the field of cloud storage and similar services like headquarters of Microsoft and Amazon.

With regard to the company Red Hat they are considered one of the most advantage of the Linux open-source free has developed a police version that is considered the most prevalent account is considered the most strength and dimensional stability and widely used by big companies like HP and Dell work, especially after that the company focused more on offering a paid version for businesses and in 2003 for providing the free version for the average user.

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