What exchange delisted anonymous cryptocurrency

The attitude towards cryptocurrencies after the rejection of the first application to launch a Bitcoin ETF of the Winklevoss brothers has improved. However, you cannot say the same about the so-called anonymous coins. The government continues to treat these currencies with considerably more caution than Bitcoin or Ethereum to.

This wariness could not affect the level of adoption and the price of such cryptocurrency, such as Monero. And more recently, the coin began to delisting various centralized exchanges. Not so long ago platform BitPay announced that relieves Monero listing on a crypto currency exchange in connection with the concerns of money laundering and anonymous nature of the coin.

Shortly before that, in September, the exchange OKEx announcedthat stops working with anonymous coins. Then got under the hand Monero, Dash and zcash for.

Now this topic is hotly discussed in a fresh weekly issue of the Monero Talk – the program, dedicated to the eponymous cryptocurrency. The show’s host Douglas Tuman asked the question of whether the exchange of delisted these coins because of the level of anonymity or they are more concerned frequent updates in the code of these cryptocurrencies?

In response, compliance analyst at DV Trading Justin Edenhofer stated that the updates “were insignificant” compared to the rest of the tasks that perform these exchange. According to him, most exchanges just want “to please regulators, insulated from cryptocurrencies that do not meet certain requirements of transparency”.

Source: 2Биткоина

Then CTO Symas Corp. Howard Chu said that although the couple exchanges delistyle this cryptocurrency to panic yet. Because it at least represented by 4-5 major cryptomeria.

I think they held a delisting, not quite understanding the situation. It’s a little short-sighted steps. And it is unlikely the industry is to focus on the solution of such exchanges.

We checked the information through the platform CoinMarketCap. Known exchanges that support Monero, really lacking. For example, the fifteen most popular trading pairs visible Binance, Huobi and HitBTC. By the way, recommendations on the choice of the cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in our new material.

XMR Monero trading pair. Source: CoinMarketCap

Also pay attention to the words of one of the parties to this release Jethro Grassi. As the analyst says, the success of Monero is not in any way connected with the fact, whether the government was prepared to put up with the properties of this coin or not.

The success of Monero is that the coin can be really useful for users. Moreover, they can easily exchange it for decentralized exchanges.

Monero. Source: 2Биткоина

The conclusion is that the delisting anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges experts believe short-sighted decision. After all, these coins continue to sell a major platform, so traders probably will pass on them and thus strengthen their position. In addition, the anonymous cryptocurrencies are decentralized exchanges, so as to prohibit their turnover is unlikely to succeed.

By the way, delisting cryptocurrency can seriously annoy the community. Recently this happened with Poloniex, which promised to get rid of DigiByte after criticism of Justin Sana from the perspective of the DGB. Traders consider this place and now writing angry posts and jokes almost every tweet the company.

For example, such.

Response to a tweet Poloniex. Source: Twitter

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