What functions can appear in the Android 11

Android 10 is still a distant dream for many users of smartphones Green Robot (Yes, even Android 9 received, not all), but developers at Google already working on Android 11. The new software will be officially released in 2020, probably in the late summer, but we can get an idea of some of the upcoming features being developed for us mobile operating system.

Android 11 will be even better!

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When will the Android 11?

Yes, it is too early to talk about the release date of Android 11, but given the situation that occurred with Android 10, we can count on approximately the same development. Thus, the first beta will be out in the spring of 2020, and then we will have a few beta versions until the final firmware is officially released in August-September. There is information that update will be available for the entire line Google Pixel except the first smartphone of the company. Alas.

New principle of operation application memory

This feature should have been part of the Android 10, but Google decided to take a little more time for revision. This improvement is aimed at optimization of speed reading and memory improvement in privacy.

This is interesting: Look at the beautiful concept Android 11 R

Roughly speaking, now when you install the app will be the creation of a “second folder”, where you will store your most important files used by the application. And in this region will not be able to write and read without the user’s permission. Also, this space will be available for other applications.

Changes in Bluetooth in flight mode

According to team XDA Developers in the source code of the Android operating system 10, they managed to find a mention of one of the new features Android 11. It may be associated with Bluetooth that will not be automatically turned off in airplane mode. It’s not super cool opportunity, but those who prefer to travel by plane and use the Bluetooth for listening to music, you will appreciate its true value.

The ability to make screenshots and screen recording

Android 11 can let you capture screenshots without relying on third-party applications. The same goes for screen recording. Now you need to use third-party software that is not too safe. Yes and in the beta Android 10 this option, as we remember, were. So the appearance of it in the 11 version is very likely. And what features would like to see in Android 10 you? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Alternative To Android Beam

Android Beam allows you to transfer files from one device to another using NFC. She was never a particularly popular feature among users primarily because of the low speed and the need to “stack” the phones together to transfer. While competitors have similar designs (remember at least the same Air Drop from Apple). But Green Robot yet don’t has got. However, sooner or later it had to happen. We would certainly not have put my money on the fact that Android 11 there is an alternative Android Beam. But the rumors about this have been circulating for quite some time. So why would they not be true?

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